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You receive a baby dragon for your birthday..

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I really like the roleplay/values of this build as well as the play style, i do think however bosmer and dunmer might be better races for this class, but they wouldn't really fit in with the back story i guess!
nice build!

Thanks for your Answer. Yes, thats truely Tricky, but i think Vampire because: more Frost resistance and (later) your then the Princess of the Vampires ( Royal +) But also can join the Dawnguard , in this case your the best friends for all but for the Vampires/Undead are you an " Ice cold Killer" emoticon

You guys are gifted at these builds, this is definitely a favorite of mine

Thank you! I choose the Imperials for my Frostbringer. Mostly because of the Nords traditional hate for magic. But also because a more poltical and organized Mage's Guild (like the one in Oblivion) is an idea worth fighting for.

Dawnguard or Vampire is a tricky one and I have yet to decide on my own playthrough.

I ??The look and backstory