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Problem with AdBlock feature
The Adblock feature popped up before i had time to exclude this domain from my Adblocker just so you know.
By Wilbur on April 21st, 2016 | Last reply on May 4th, 2016
8 replies
Random Fugitives
While i was exploring twice this fugitive runs up to me and gives me enchanted weapons. Then a hunter comes and starts shooting him. So far i have kept it for my self. Do I get something If I return…
By EpicTerry2 on April 25th, 2016 | Last reply on April 30th, 2016
5 replies
How to write a description for my build?
Please help me, I don't know how to write my description
By Wizzy on April 29th, 2016 | Last reply on April 30th, 2016
2 replies
Idea - Character diaries!
Do you guys think it would be a fun idea to have a subforum in here, where people can keep a diary of their character? Concretely, you take screenshots of interesting events as you play, and write of…
By Ziao on May 3rd, 2015 | Last reply on April 29th, 2016
10 replies
Skyrim or Oblivion
Hey guys it's Dragonslayen247 here and I just wanted to pose a bit of a question, do you guys oblivion or skyrim more. I personally like Skyrim more but that's just me
By dragonslayen247 on April 23rd, 2016 | Last reply on April 25th, 2016
3 replies
Bug or Blind?
I am trying to create a new build and the only perk tree's that I can access are Archery - Speech. Either I am blind or there is no button that allows me to look through to the casting skills as well…
By Kroknik on April 21st, 2016 | Last reply on April 24th, 2016
2 replies

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What is your favourite guild?

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Agreed...... wut


how many poits do you pot in each stat

By Guest
I really like the idea for this build

i love it but why need three axes just put 2 enchantments on one axe

yes true but he needs the cover of an old poor fool. but yes that is true thanks you gave me an idea for a new build ill dedicate it to you thank you emoticon emoticon

yes you're right but you have to stick with the peasant look so the guards do not suspect him. and think hes a old crazy man but yes your right i would need that if i was making something else with magika but thanks you gave me an idea on a new build. ill post it soon.