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Today's featured builds

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The newly announced Elder Scrolsl!

Recent comments

I like this build idea. I’ve been wanting to do a more religious type of build. I was thinking a Nord who worships the Nine, he would be a bit of an extremist in that he would look to harm anyone who speaks out against Talos. So he would have his own set of morals. He would collect the Daedric weapons and artifacts so they can’t fall into the wrong hands. The rest of this build lines up with what I was thinking though.

I can't believe you've commented to me.

Oh no, you're not allowed Novice. The Adoring fan is a moron, everything should be difficult for him.
(I did have a lot of fun playing this, but it is tedious so maybe I should have lowered the difficulty).

Good build for speed running on novice : )


You're welcome! This is amazing for a first build. Keep up the great work!

Thank you! It's honestly my first build that I've put effort into since I started to play the game (and find out about this website). emoticon