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By clawshaper on Oct 23, 2014
I love this build I have recently started a new character based on this but my one problem is twitch wears robes so why not use robes instead?

By ShyGuyBuilder on Oct 23, 2014
This is my first build and I haven't worked out all the bugs but I hope you all enjoy expect to see more thanks for viewing

By ShyGuyBuilder on Oct 20, 2014
It's almost like a regular wood elf actually.....not meaning to offend or anything. But the wood elves actually passed a law in their homeland that prohibit them from harming plant life....

By HawkeyeSierra on Oct 20, 2014
useful but..if you want enchant on bow ,probably replacing enchanting with sneaking better choice

By clawshaper on Oct 20, 2014
useful but ...

By clawshaper on Oct 20, 2014
Hi since i cant publish my builds what do you think of this one?

By Krash039254 on Oct 19, 2014