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Today's featured builds


Hi guys

As some of you may have heard already - we have been working on completely rebuilding the website for the past few months. To help support development and the costs for servers, we have launched a Patron campaign.
Should you choose to support us, we will remove all ads, forever, and as a token of our gratitude your name will appear on a very sleek badge (color dependent on the selected tier). You will also receive some extra benefits once our new website goes live.

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Fast travel?

Recent comments

Add enchanting perks to enchant those heavy armor gauntlets

Nice. You should take the speech perks and the light armor smithing perks off of the build though.

I'll take some pictures once I start playing it, then.

Ok just asking

I don't use mods, given that I play using XBox 360 version, so making a modded build without even having the capability of understanding it or testing it would be wrong, not to mention difficult.

Nice work bringing The Legend to life! I just uploaded a Giant Dad build idea I've been working on, myself. In lieu of Black Flame, I'm thinking of just dual-casting Fireball, with the Impact perk in the Destruction tree, it'll stagger enemies similar to how BF does in DkS. I, also, need to look into some good mods for inspiration.

I forgot a bit of back story that would make the crafting make sense sorry I'll add it when I have the time