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Hey. Names Danny nice to meet yall
Hi the names Dan nice to meet Yall. I'm an average guy from pittsburgh. I've been playing skyrim since it came out and I can't begin to tell you how may characters I've made. Um I like trying out…
By Gamerdan97 on June 26th, 2015 | Last reply on June 29th, 2015
7 replies
Build Requests
My favurite race is the Khajitt, but honestly I'm not too sure on a class for a new character. I would like one with a high speech skill and a high one handed, but have no ideas as to what kind of…
By ViridisTheBlade on June 23rd, 2015 | Last reply on June 29th, 2015
8 replies
Ok, I don't know about anybody else here but I personally love the of Argonians in Dragon Scale armour. It is just epic. Kinda random I know but seriously. Google it.
By ViridisTheBlade on June 23rd, 2015 | Last reply on June 28th, 2015
11 replies
Build Experiment
Hello dear reader. So I am currently thinking of making a community build experiment. In this experiment, this thread will be open for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks anybody and everybody is invited to…
By power572 on June 24th, 2015 | Last reply on June 26th, 2015
12 replies
I am Gony and i am new i need help!
Hi! I am Gony (Gony100). I am new, and i need help! i want to make my first build (The Ultimate Nightingale) public, but i need the image ID. how do i find the image ID? plz tell me! thx :D
By Gony100 on June 25th, 2015 | Last reply on June 25th, 2015
4 replies
It's me, Ziao. Ruler of worlds, and my antfarm.
Disclaimer: I no longer own an antfarm. Let's not talk about that adventure.. Hello? Anyone there? Most of you will…
By Ziao on May 3rd, 2015 | Last reply on June 25th, 2015
40 replies

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Thanks! Appreciate the compliments emoticon

If you want to get rid of the conjuration part, you would end up being a pure nightingale...either way, cool build...

This guy/girl is kind of a Jack of all trades, literally.Being able to do huge damage at close and long range, take what he wants without getting caught,this guy is an all around assassin that revolves around the 100 charecter level. Well, other than that, enjoy beating the carp out of people and stealing people's pants without them noticing.

By Guest
It's really amazing, cause i see necro-healler for first time. Very original.

By Guest
Sorry * emoticon emoticon

Seems interesting emoticon

My name irl is Erik so I also approve just on principle...