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Blood Mage
I really like the idea of playing a blood mage in Skyrim, using the spell Equilibrium to fuel your magicka. However, I have a few questions. Firstly, the Atronach Stone: does anyone know if this can…
By pinkpixels on March 20th, 2019 / Last reply on March 23rd, 2019
7 replies
Howdy from the middle of nowhere
Hi - old Okie here, just looking for my sweet roll... Picked up Skyrim shortly after we got the Switch a year or so ago. Play it as much as I can get away with. I've been trying to play on…
By horsewithnonick on March 15th, 2019 / Last reply on March 22nd, 2019
3 replies
Patreon and an exciting update!
Hey everyone, It's been 8 years since this beautiful game - and thus, this website - were launched. That's quite an impressive time for a single-player game. When I built this website, my technical…
By Ziao on March 14th, 2019 / Last reply on March 16th, 2019
1 replies
Alchemy vs Smithing vs Enchanting?
I want to hear your thoughts.
By Akame on September 2nd, 2018 / Last reply on March 16th, 2019
25 replies
The funniest race
Hello! I was trying to decide a new race to play following the rule "pick whatever is most fun to you". So I noticed that each race have its own fun traits and the most fun race is under someone…
By Crisel on October 18th, 2017 / Last reply on March 15th, 2019
4 replies
BUILD CONTEST: Adapting a character from a different universe
The theme for this month is adapting a character from a different universe. Go all out guys! NO MODS ARE ALLOWED Level 100 characters are also allowed. For the…
By Akame on March 9th, 2019 / Last reply on March 10th, 2019
2 replies

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Hi guys

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Fast travel?

Recent comments

Just switch it up. Start by flinging a few fireballs into the fray, then simply cast flame cloak on yourself, equip your warhammer and then charge on in. To be honest, as I got to a higher level and mastered destruction, I stopped using ranged destruction spells all together. My typical bandit-raid involved activating a flame cloak and charging in or, for a bit of fun, being extra destructive with fire storm.

This is a very good build but if the main weapon you use is two-handed weapons, how would you be able to use firebolt or other destruction spells. I'm wondering this because I don't want to put my skill points in destruction and not use a single destruction spell. Thanks and have a good day!


Neltharion! What have you done? You have doomed us all to the madness of the Old Gods!

If you want to level up your archery skill fast you should use a wood elf if you do not want the elf look you can use a kijiit because they can level up there stealth skills fast. Or if you do not like a cat or elf just go for a nord because they have the battle cry that they can use to get enemy's away.

I like how you tweaked the backstory.

That might be the longest sentence I have ever read.