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New & active topics

M.H.S ratio work?
Hey, i am newer to character building. Can someone explain how the magika, health, stamina ratio works? I can never understand it, thanks in advance for the help.
By adevine on June 11th, 2018 / Last reply on June 12th, 2018
7 replies
Problem with Nexus
It seems to me that I got a little problem on my hands regarding the Nexus mod manager. Starting the program is easy as can be, but the problem pops up when I'm trying to log on my account. An error…
By Edptv on June 8th, 2018 / Last reply on June 8th, 2018
3 replies
Any advice on my build? Stealth Archer Mage This is my first play through, so I mostly chose perks that are fun to use. However, I was somewhat economical with choosing perks, as I know they are scarce and…
By BIGBADNEWTONS on June 8th, 2018 / Last reply on June 8th, 2018
2 replies
Kantai Collection, anyone?
Anyone play KanColle? If you do, who are your favorite Kanmusu? If I had to pick, I'd list... CV(L): Akagi Kaga Shoukaku Shouhou Ark…
By wuyixiang on June 4th, 2018 / Last reply on June 7th, 2018
3 replies
hello all,
I'm annsmith. I'm a new member of the forum skyrimcalculator , very pleased to be acquainted and make friends to share everything in life with people. Especially learned from the forum.
By annsmith on May 21st, 2018 / Last reply on May 28th, 2018
4 replies
Hi I am new
Hi Guys, I am new to this site and I'm starting to build some characters on this site to decide which character I'm going to use on my next playthrough. If you want to advice me then please check my…
By jodro on May 23rd, 2018 / Last reply on May 24th, 2018
3 replies

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Have you ever actually finished the main questline?

Recent comments

Gonna try this one out, love the use of spells with archery.

Don't we all? Still doesn't make it any less tedious.

I know how to level up fast by maxing skills super fast!

I thank you all for your time and comments and i hope you all have a great day emoticon

anyway good build emoticon

i'd replace conjuration and enchanting with sneak and speech, because you can sell your products to shopkeepers as a peddler with speech and you can hide enemies with sneaking (through shadow warrior), and add lycanthropy as a weapon as yourself emoticon
like this

Well, you can always grind for the sake of power levels. xD