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Who is the most powerful Aedra in your opinion?
A while back, I created a thread, humbly inquiring which Daedric Prince you lot thought was the most powerful, and what struck me was a lack of a clear and unequivocal victor, so varied were the…
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Count to 100: Forum Game
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The funniest race
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What was your most funny/weird/crazy moments playing Skyrim?
So I was rolling a Thief and I was sneaking - robbing one of those many fortress taken by bandits (the one located west from Whiterun). I was on the last basement (where the thug boss generally is…
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Hello everyone!
Hi everyone! I'm quite new here, and I just wanted to say hi.
By AgentOrange on October 11th, 2017 | Last reply on October 18th, 2017
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What Upcoming Games Do You Look Forward To?
I really want Valkyria Revolution, but I don't own a console (that it will be released on). Holding out hope for a Steam release, though.
By wuyixiang on June 4th, 2017 | Last reply on October 18th, 2017
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Will you be getting Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch?

Recent comments

Here's my third comment. Lol. Just wanted to day that you're clearly not a nazi, and maybe you've never experienced prejudice so you don't know what makes you a shit person, but just so you know...this does. You seem like an otherwise decent guy who probably doesn't want to come off that way, so now you know. This is shitty, a truly decent guy would realize that and stop trying to defend it.

Think of it like bumping into someone in a hallway and knocking them over, I'm sure you didn't mean to...but when they realize what happened a nice person would apologize anyway and try not to do it again. Only an asshole would explain why it's not their fault and walk away without helping the other person up.

I mean, dickmaster recently told me to kill I could care less what he thinks, and I doubt most people would, but if he said that to someone who was already contemplating suicide they might take him more seriously. If they go through with it after reading his comment, is he then a murderer? No. But like the girl who was in the news recent for taking her boyfriend into killing himself, it would definitely make him a shit person.

No one said you were a nazi, but the picture you used is a modern interpretation of nazi propaganda. I didn't call you a nazi, I just pointed out that the image you used might as well have been a swastika.

Also, this is literally exactly what racism is. Just because you personally might not hate Jews because of these stereotypes, or even think they apply to all Jews, you're still spreading the kind of thinking that empowers the people, like dickmaster, who do. It may not be hateful itself but it's woefully negligent, and the "joke" you get out of it is hardly worth it after that.

I actually liked the build. Of course it was a stereotype, and I didn't think you meant any harm. It was when the argument got too far is that I got ticked at darthmaster. I thought you were intentionally making a racial/topical/political build for views. My bad.

Sorry for 3rd comment here, but I'm no neo nazi. One jew joke doesn't make me nazi, don't know where that came from. I think you're taking this too seriously. Nazi propaganda? A skyrim build is nazi propaganda? When in here did I support any nazi beliefs? And bigot? I'm not HATING jews. Just because I make a build based on a stereotype (Which I don't think accurately represent jews at all) doesn't mean I hate that race. Even if this was racist, you're taking it too far.

Also, yeah it was a lazy, and honestly a shit joke. And I'm honestly sorry if I offended you, I didn't mean to offend anyone. This build was sarcastically done. I especially didn't want to start an argument. This was just supposed to be a silly build, not a political topic on racism that people argue on (Like videos based on elections) .

First, It's really quite funny that someone was so mad that a guy over the internet said jews were a race (which they are, there's a religion and a race) . Also I DO understand what a joke is. Just because you don't find it funny, doesn't mean it isn't a joke. Did you think I was making this build seriously? Also, I wasn't asking what racism is, I was asking how exactly this was racist. I made a silly stereotype, but I didn't antagonize or discriminate all jews purposefully with the idea that my race was superior. That's different. That is racism, not making a silly stereotypical skyrim build. And did you have to resort to insulting me because I said racism can't be lazy?