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Keep reading » Call for help: We need you! - Back in 2011, when Skyrim was released, I was looking for a website that would let you mess around with the perks. After realising that such a website did not yet exist, I decided to start one myself.

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Most annoying NPC in Skyrim?

Lydia 1
Balgruuf's son 1
Braith 0
Shopkeepers (Me, I call them treasures!) 0
Maven Black-Briar 0
Cicero 0
Nazeem 0
Heimskr (Talos dude in Whiterun) 0

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THANK you, And btw the real name is Stephano

How about you decrease the perks somewhat, and I'll put your build on the homepage after Ammy's emoticon?

oh thank god... Thank You

The search results are cached for better performance, the default search caches for up to two hours, so it usually takes a little bit before they show up in there.
However, in your case, the required level is 108. The search filters only go up 'til level 100.

It only shows in my featured list

Sorry for bothering you so much btw but my recent build Blood Bane wont show up in all build nor when I search it, I even made sure its public but nothing works... help!

You got me..