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This looks pretty good! One problem I see with it: what happens if you're detected and someone gets too close for you to use your bow? You don't seem to have any close-range perks or equipment...Otherwise, interesting build.

Alright, a some of Ras'lan's most valuable alchemy recipes are available so you know what ingredients to stock up on, and with that, the build is done! Again, Happy Holidays, folks!

To be fair, many builds just plain don't work on Legendary. This one probably will, it just needs less perks to be sunk into ineffective player damage.

Great points. It may originally be balanced for a lower difficulty, though, so some adjustment for higher difficulties would be needed.

This is a nice build, very well thought out RP and very fun to play. I'd be interested in hearing someone's experiences playing with Dead is Dead rule, given the lack of armor and how that changes the playstyle up.

I really get the feeling this won't work on Legendary, though. On Expert, it feels like my bound swords still have some bite. I don't even want to imagine trying to cut down a draugr death overlord with (effectively after Legendary difficulty and perks) a pair of 7 damage swords. Especially when said draugr can easily turn around and cut me down in a single blow.

On higher difficulties, I think physical, poisoned weapons are what this build needs. You could save 6 perks in Conjuration/Illusion by enchanting cost reduction gear, as well (and then either Black Book or Legendary to get those enchanting perk points back).

Even on Legendary, though, I don't think anyone can dispute the effectiveness of Bound Sword for grinding Conjuration skill. emoticon