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By Akame on September 23rd, 2018 / Last reply on September 23rd, 2018
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The only melee perks you need for any build
Armsman 1/5, Champion's Stance, Hack and Slash 1/3 and Savage Strike. Every power attack swing is a chance to decapitate and every swing does bleeding damage... You can save your perk points for…
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Anyone know the stat spread? I couldn't find it in the video.

need to be favored build emoticon

Very well designed build, the Spartans were a force to be reckoned with in ancient times namely due to their skill with sword and board. Not much use for archery against them, they'll deflect a million archer's arrows and close in to melee to dispatch their unskilled swordsmen opponents with bow. I was a huge fan of Leonadis before the movie 300 was released. In all of human history he had the best placed family jewels and I'm an avid historian of ancient Sparta as well as Greece, at no other time were such great philosophers and warriors from one region of the world walking the Earth which is why the Romans emulated them and why we are emulating the Romans with this Roman font you're reading. I'm a fan of Kratos because of the caricature he represents, he's the personification of Spartan warrior can of whoopass openers of the past with a mixture of ancient Greek mythology as the backdrop.

I will finish this build tomorrow fully fleshed out emoticon

A very fun build, but I became a sneaky archer the moment I touched a bow emoticon

Yes, it delineates an order of priority in the spread. Health being the most important to a warrior but requiring a pool of magicka for bound weapons since lightning and diminishing may drain your magicka and leave the character unable to summon bound weapon when needed.

1 magicka, 3 health, 2 stamina or something else?