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New & active topics

Ordinator Calculator
So I'm not exactly sure if this is appropriate to ask, or if this is the correct thread to post this to. If not, then I sincerely apologize. I arrived late to the Skyrim modding scene. For the…
By gmcart01 on August 29th, 2017 / Last reply on February 23rd, 2018
4 replies
New versatile build
Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if it's bland. First time on here lol
By Doubletime520 on February 19th, 2018 / Last reply on February 20th, 2018
3 replies
Gettin' a Gun!
Whoo! I'm purchasing my first firearm tomorrow! It's a 1938 Carcano Type I, chambered for 6.5mm Japanese ammunition! The only problem is that the ammo is $2.20 per round... /sighs
By wuyixiang on February 1st, 2018 / Last reply on February 14th, 2018
11 replies
Need help trying to make a Khajit build
I know all the race bonuses from the Khajit and that they have better unarmed damage because they are animalistic and their claws do more damage, but I for some reason I just can't figure out a…
By JoshtheGemini on July 28th, 2017 / Last reply on February 14th, 2018
12 replies
Skyrim Wencit of Rum build (based on David Weber war god series)
Any ideas?
By Aevornskr on February 9th, 2018
0 replies
Does anyone know if the glass bow of the stag prince is enchantable
Is it enchantable or not because my build uses it as its main weapon so yeah.
By Blademaster2019 on December 18th, 2017 / Last reply on February 8th, 2018
8 replies

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Is Skyrim on the Switch as good as you hoped it would be?

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Go for it emoticon Link it when you're done so I can check it out.

Poradaemoticonobij stamine do 200 , ?ycie do tak 300 , a reszta w mane. Zaklac sobie rzeczy na mniejsze koszty destrukcji i przywracania. Dobra klasa dla tych co chc? przej?? skyrima raz , troche tego troche tamtego , posmakujesz ka?dej klasy ! emoticon

sorry za te Ycie na pocz?tku chodzi o ?ycie

Porada:?ycie dobijcie tak do 220 , 230 , a reszta w mane . Róbcie sobie przedmoty na dodatkowy cap i gra dzieje si? w prost samoistnie. emoticon

Hey daft good build . May i have permission to create a mage out of the warbringer clan?

the part i like of the story is the part where the guard discovers he has no name and the town just starts calling him "hack" love it!

Use the description section. There should be a little pencil or edit button either up top or off to the left depending on what platform you're on. It looks better and doesn't get buried under new comments.