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New & active topics

Sissel of Rorikstead
During a fight with an elder dragon I accidentally killed Lemkil with my fire scroll. I made my way days later to the ophanage in the Rift to find this sweet girl and her bully sister both living…
By GrumpyPanda on December 8th, 2017 / Last reply on December 17th, 2017
2 replies
Blades/Graybeards? *Spoiler Alert*
I've never progressed very far with the blades (Delphine). I think only to the point we find Sky Haven Temple. 1st toon I had her ask graybeards about adluins wall and they got mad at me. This time I…
By GrumpyPanda on December 8th, 2017 / Last reply on December 17th, 2017
3 replies
Cap Everything Legit (Best Weapons and Armour in the game!)
Thought I'd share this as it's more of a guide than a build. For the full guide Click Here The…
By Stimpy08 on December 16th, 2017
0 replies
Destruction Magic Mods?
I'm aware that Destruction tends to fall off heavily toward lategame, and my newest build, The Autumn Moon , depends on it quite…
By wuyixiang on December 13th, 2017 / Last reply on December 16th, 2017
5 replies
Your own custom shout
Just say a shout in dragon talk and normal talk. also say what the shout would do and how it would grow more power every word.
By Blademaster2019 on December 14th, 2017 / Last reply on December 14th, 2017
2 replies
Haha , stuck??
uhh so i created a new game (i'm a khajiit,archer) so i start playing make it through helgen all the way to where i tell the jarl in whiterun about the dragon and he gives me the quest to get the…
By GalacticMyst on March 9th, 2016 / Last reply on December 11th, 2017
6 replies

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Is Skyrim on the Switch as good as you hoped it would be?

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Of course! I'm glad to see someone else will go through all the bolding, coloring, and sizing to make an excellent build! emoticon

Yeah I did base it on your builds, if that's ok

An excellent, well thought-out build. I'm interested to know, did you copy my format, or did it just turn out that way? Either way it's very impressive for a first build.

very good. helped my overall game play. keep up the good work emoticon

Great build man. I love the idea of creating your own transformation, and Demon Form is a cool one at that! You should check out our website over at:
It's full of this kind of stuff (but we always need more!). I think you'd fit right in.

Really cool stuff man. This is exactly the kind of content we need over at
You should consider joining.

I like the name. Great build overall, in fact. Just the kind of creative stuff we're looking for over at:
You should check us out.