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Skyrim Challenge Series
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Hey thanks man! Actually did spec into sneak if you check the perks, but I didn't mention it in the description. I totally forgot about pickpocket though and putting poisons in their inventory though! I'll rework it emoticon

Hey man I really dig this build and thought about doing something similar. I was going to call the build the Chameleon. So some things to discuss about the viability of the character.
I really respect the idea you're going for. No combat skills is an ambitions undertaking. First, there are some improvements I would recommend. Basically, for the poisons to be applied, one would need to invest in some kind of skills either in sneak or pickpocket. Sneaking could be used to stealth attack an enemy with a poisoned blade, thus applying the poison. Alternatively, the you could use the poison perk in the pickpocket skill tree reverse pickpocket poisons on to enemies. This allows the Fingerless to actually use his poisons against enemies that don't resist them. Then there is the issue of those enemies that do resist poison. They will have to be taken on using the dagger. Ideally, one would invest in Sneak to sneak around draugr and sneak attack them. I'm actually out of characters so this's it

You don't need both resistance and aborbsion, one or the other will do just fine

messed up sorry ill fix it.

good example, I like it emoticon

Fantastic detail! I usually struggle with a sentence of how to play the character, and you make it effortless. And you don't see a lot of healers anymore either. "Skyrim could use more healers"

Certainly an interesting build, but I think you may need to tone down his OPness. The smithing skill doesn't seem totally necessary as a prime skill, and same with pick pocket. I really like the unique style though and I'm totally trying this!