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Dear SkyrimCalculator visitor,

Please spare a moment of your time to read this. I would be very grateful!

Meet Angel, a one year old German Shepard belonging to a very good friend of ours, who I will refer to as Diana, to keep her anonymous (she doesn't know I'm doing this).

On the 14th of July, Diana was taking Angel and Hope (Angel's mother) out to a park for them to run around and have a swim.
As they were entering the car, we think they saw something across a normally quiet street, and the both of them ran off. Diana called them back, but only Hope returned; Angel was hit by a transit bus.

The intersection where the accident had happened was covered in blood. Angel's leg had been ripped open to the point where the bone was visible, and a major artery had been torn.

She was rushed to a vet, where the bleeding artery was quickly closed and x-ray pictures were taken. It was so bad that they were unable to locate her bladder. The vet did not have the necessary tools to help Angel, so Diana was redirected to the UMC in Utrecht, which is a hospital for almost any kind of animal. She was asked if she wanted to put Angel down, because the costs would be massive, and more so, the chances of her living were slim.
After 12 hard days of Surgery, Intensive Care, infections, and a lot of tears, Angel was allowed back home, where Diana would treat her further. We can only hope that Angel will be able to walk and run like she used to, and even if she won't, the important thing is that she survived.

A few days ago, the bill came in. That, together with the expected costs for the coming time will bring the grand total to a whopping $7.000. Not something you can easily cough up. Diana had to sell her car, and due to an already bad financial state, she had no savings to give up. Add to that the fact that she's had a stroke, and thus is unable to work, she is going to go bankrupt very soon.

You've probably guessed by now, but I'm trying to get a little money together this way. I have no idea wether this will work or not, but I can't just sit here and watch her suffer like this.

Even if you could only spare a single buck, every bit counts, and it would mean the world to us. It helps out so much to know that there are people out there, that you have never met, willing to help out when you don't know how to go on.

I will also save the income I get from the ads on this page, for as long as it takes, until we reach our goal. If any money comes in, a counter will be added to this page so you can follow the progress.

Please click this button if you want to help out. We'd be immensely thankful!!

If you have any questions, or you just want to let Diana know that your thoughts are with her, please send a message to, and I'll promise you she gets it.

Let's show Diana she's not alone in this, and that the collective power of the internet can really help a life get back on track!

Thank you so much for reading all the way through,
Nick Kamer, owner of SkyrimCalculator.

I'm aware there have been scams on the internet in the past, using stories similar to this one. Though I don't know how to convince you this is not one of them, I can only say that I could never scam my loyal visitors into taking their money, with a made-up sad story.

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0 x Lockpicking
0 x Pickpocket
0 x Speech
0 x Alchemy

0 x Illusion
0 x Conjuration
0 x Destruction
0 x Restoration
0 x Alteration
0 x Enchanting

0 x Lycanthropy
0 x Vampirism

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