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I'm all for it. Personally I don't use creation club, but if it helps you get into the grove of your character, go for it. I would also recommend spell mods as well since the arcane knight is also a mage. The only limit I would recommend is to be careful with the math. What I mean by this is that it can be easy to become overpowered when the armor values and resistant values keep stacking. Be mindful of that so that the game remains challenges. Given that reason, mods that affect difficulty would be an excellent consideration.

2020 Update to this build. Check it out. More updates to come.

You only need Adept for the bow. I'd remove expert and master and put those points in the stealth tree to get bow sneak attacks higher...

Custom Fit and Matching set each provide 25% bonus, while each point of Agile Defender boosts only 20%. If you really only want to use 5 perks on armor, you get 10% more for the same amount of perks by dropping agile defense to 3 and picking up the other two...

I was going off a pure role-play idea. I wasn't sure about the conjuration part because I have yet to play this character. Thank you for the constructive criticism. Where would you suggest the conjuration perks go? I am always open for thoughts and any help. I normally play a ranger, limited magicka. emoticon

You don't need Master conjuration for anything. The bow is the most powerful one you can summon. You basically went up the wrong side of the speech tree, unless it's purely for roleplay purposes. The other side would provide more actual utility.

notched pickaxe enchant required i might actually make this a serious one at some point idk