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The Gravewalker 70 #416942

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I really take pleasure on playing this build. It has a really zombie feel to it, good job.

By ItssKeano on Dec 23, 2016
#5419 Reply
This is a great build. I love style and feel of this character. With the bound bow and the blue magical playstyle. Keep on going with these builds.

By PaladinLions on Jul 10, 2016
#4175 Reply
I like dis build ita something ive been looking 4. ????????

By Guest on Jun 10, 2016
#4071 Reply
emoticon emoticon emoticon

By Guest on Aug 19, 2015
#2424 Reply
This goes for all of your updated builds... Amazing format! You have done something every great build master has done, you have created your own unique format! So far every one who has become well known has had there own little looks to not only have people amazed by the look but has given them something to remember that "it was that guy who made that other great build!" I congratulate you my friend and I am sure that you will soon rise to the very top, you have indeed more than impressed me!

PS: Check out the forum topic about the collaboration if you haven't already

By Scrappy-Metal on Aug 18, 2015
#2402 Reply
I was instantly happy as soon as I saw you had mods, not many people use them and still make it able for people without a PC to use them, It was a rather smooth description with admitidly not very visually appealing, try taking time into your work and use as many codes as you can, I personally take about a week to finish s single one, nice job and keep it coming bro! I rate it 3 Stars

By Scrappy-Metal on Aug 17, 2015
#2390 Reply
Thanks for the advice. I'm relatively new to making builds so this goes a long way.

By wolfbane8991 on Aug 17, 2015
#2392 Reply
Trust me friend, I know the feeling, I am currently working on something and will notify you and the others about the collaboration idea by the end of today! So good luck man, and remember, keep up the good work! emoticon

By Scrappy-Metal on Aug 17, 2015
#2393 Reply
I've spent a little more time trying to make the description a little neater and I've polished two other builds I was working on using some of your tips. If you wouldn't mind giving me some feedback I'd really appreciate it.

By wolfbane8991 on Aug 18, 2015
#2401 Reply