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The Dwemer Scholar 55 #447291

Race: Nord
Age: 54
Backstory: The Scholar [or as I have named him in my playthrough, Henrik Underhearth] was born in Skyrim, in Markarth precisely, but his parents, both renowned scholars specialized in the Dwemer culture, fled to Cyrodiil after the Forsworn took the city. They established themselves in the Imperial City, and carried on with their investigations. The Scholar grew up fascinated not only by the tales of the Dwemer, but also of the ancient Nords, like Ysgramor and the Companions, or the Tongues, who long ago defeated Alduin atop the Throat of the World using the mighty Thu'um. Throughout the years, by both his parents' mouthes and books he found here and there, he learned of the Snow Elves and their relationship with the Nords, the infamous Night of Tears, their alliance with the Dwemer, and their mysterious disappearance after the Battle of the Red Mountain, which caused the Chimer to turn into the Dunmer and the Falmer to slowly evolve into blind, small, evil creatures. After his parents died, and seeing as he was a young man well accomodated in the Imperial society, he decided to carry on their work. He got to know various Dwemer ruins along trips to Hammerfell and southern Morrowind, but never visited Skyrim. Over the years he started spending more time underground than on the ground, and that's when he became a bit of a crazy old hermit man. He was nicknamed by fellow scholars and a variety of people working with and for him as "Underhearth", as he said he found himself at ease inside an ancient Dwarven ruin. He was always well protected by his bodyguards or mercenaries he contracted for his explorations, but over the time he decided to learn basic combat skills, and so he learnt basic weapon and armor usage, and how to cast basic spells, to help him either deal damage or heal himself. One day, he woke up, looked on the mirror, and realised he was an old man. He had grey hair and grey beard, and wrinkles formed around his face. Realising that perhaps he wouldn't have much time left, he headed to Skyrim, his homeland, to at least live out his last days there. He was, of course, caught on the border and taken to Helgen, from where he escaped.
Appearance: He is an old but sturdy man, having a respectable size, but also slightly long beard and hair, both which are well taken care of, given his high status. He wears College robes, boots (the white ones they give you when you enter the College of Winterhold) and gloves, but when he sets out to explore an ancient ruin, or simply the need arises and he has to fight, he'll strap on a full set of Dwarven armor, except fot the main headpiece, which will be the Visage of Mzund (from the Dragonborn DLC, if you don't have it you can just use a normal Dwemer helmet). His shield will be Spellbreaker, from the Daedric quest of Peryite, which, if you read the lore on it, you'll see it's from Dwemer origins, and it fits nicely with the playstyle, the Dwarven theme, and the "searching for unique items" theme. For the necklace, you can use Savos Aren's necklace, which will boost your Magicka points, or maybe whatever you like. Same for the ring.
Factions: Main storyline and all DLCs (you can choose whether to join the Dawnguard or the Volkihar in DG), the College of Winterhold, and all Dwemer-related quests. Be sure to do Arniel Gane's quest, and the quest for the Argonian woman in the Riften docks. Also become Thane of Markarth, because it's a Dwemer city, and help Calcelmo with his investigations.
Weapons: He won't be using bows, but instead Destruction spells from afar. Firebolt is the most useful IMO. If you run out of magicka, you can use Keening, the dagger you get in Arniel's quest, or the Aetherial Staff, from the Dawnguard DLC, which you can use to summon either a Dwemer spider or a Dwemer sphere. If you want a less magical approach you can use a Dwarven weapon of your choice plus a Dwarven crossbow (Dawnguard DLC).
Statspread: Equally distribute Magicka, HP, and Stamina.
Standing Stone: Lover at the beginning, to learn combat and magic skills faster, and Steed later on, to roleplay how comfortable he feels in heavy Dwarven armor, and to carry more loot and equipment pieces.
Follower: The Scholar disregards the majority of warriors, implying they are brutes uncapable of communication and understanding, but even he can recognize strength. He'll trust in strong bodyguard-like companions to keep him safe during his adventures, and so the choices are any housecarls, mercenaries, or other hireling-like NPCs, like Kharjo, Uthgerd the Unbroken, or Mjoll the Lioness.
Spouse: I don't think there are any Dwemer-related spouses in Skyrim or any of its expansions, however, if you want a mod for it you can totally get one. Or maybe you can remain single, women just complicate thing too much, amirite?

Remember, the Dwemer Scholar not only cares about the Dwemer, but also in anything old and any unique artifact he can find. Try to do as many Daedric quests as you want (as long as they don't interfere with your own morale) and RP you are just using the Daedric Princes for their mighty artifacts. The Scholar also is a bright example of "the pen is mightier than the sword", often choosing dialogue and persuasion (in extreme cases, even bribery) rather than violence, however, he is absolutely fearless of strapping on his Dwarven armor and enforcing bloodshed upon his foes when the need arises.

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