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Kronik, God Of Dragons 65 #448292

This is my first build, so don't get crazy.XD

Back story
You were a warrior back in the dragon war, Fighting for the dragons. Every day you prayed to akatosh, god of Dragons, to let your side win. However, you lost everything. You gave up on akatosh and the divines, gaining power from a sacred spell, you became a godlike being. You were sent into the future, and being the new gods of Dragons, you became dragon born.

Play style
As you are a god, you must have good armor. Get dragon armor ASAP as you are the god of Dragons. Also, if you don't have dawn guard, use ebony or daedric weapons.You see the divines as enemies, so don't get bonuses from them, also don't do any quests for the divines. You are the replacement for akatosh. Use dragon aspect too so it can be a "god mode"Also you can be a juggernaut or a spell blade.

Armor & Weapons
Kroniks Blade of Dragons: Great sword(Ebony, Dragon, or Daedric) With fire and/or Frost or Shock
Kroniks Armor of the Elementsemoticonragon plate Armor with resistance to magic
Kroniks amulet of Divine blood:Any amulet with faster healing rate
Kroniks Gauntlets of Destruction: Dragon plate Gauntlets with enhance Destruction and Two handed
Kroniks boots: Dragon Plate boots with any enchantment
Kroniks Helm of Divinityemoticonragon Plate helmet with any enchantment.

Join the companions for knight training and Winterhold college for magical training. You don't need to join the war because they worship what you hate:The divines. But if you want to, you can.

As you are a replacement for akatosh, you may kill any of his followers. I am going to make more builds like this another time.

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