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The Last Dragonheart 51 #449173

Back story
Back, way back, to the time of Dragons, there was The Dragonheart Clan. These folk had immense magical knowledge and (Albeit secretly) learned the thuum. The Dragonheart Clan had power during this time and ruled alongside the Dov. This all changed however, when humanity rebelled. The Dragonheart Clan fought bravely, but the Dov lost. The Dragonheart Clan had most of their members executed, but a few survived. You are the last of the Dragonheart Clan, and you came to Skyrim to find out more about Dragons and Thier culture, but you where captured on the border and then.......

You are a pure mage. Meaning, no armor, no weapons.(except staffs, of course) Also, to be honest, you don't really need vampirism, it's just for the necromage perk. Join the Dawn guard if you are not using necromage perk. For race and gender, choose whatever. Followers are optional, as most of your spells can hurt them. Stat distribution is:500/400/200.

Dragonheart Robes: Robes with boost Destruction & Alteration Magic
Dragonheart Staff: Staff with Any Fire spell
Dragonheart Boots: Resist Fire & Frost
Dragonheart Pendant:Any amulet with Boost Alteration
Dragonheart Ring:Any ring with Boost Destruction

Powers (# means it harms followers and ¥ means it costs a lot of Magicka)
(#)Wrath of Akatosh: Slow time + Fire storm- Unleash the Wrath of Akatosh, devastating your enemies. Slow down time as your enemies run towards you, unknowingly running to their own destruction. As they get closer, unleash a blast of fire, burning your opponents to ashes.
(¥)Ultimate spell,Dragon King Mode: Dragon Aspect, Dragonhide, and Flame Cloak- As your power grows, so does your enemies. When fighting a lot of enemies or strong bosses, go all out and unleash your draconic power.
(¥)Sun Dragon's Might: Sun Flare(From the Sun stone) & Fire Storm-Unleash the power of the Sun as your foes are destroyed by your flames.

Dragon King Spells
Dragon King's Summoning: Dragon King Mode & Call Dragon-As you are at full, call in a Dragon to help you fight.
Draconian Overlord: Dragon King Mode & Bend Will- While fighting enemies and a Dragon, control that Dragon with your power, making it fight your enemies.
Dragon King's Minions: Dragon King Mode & Flame Thrall:Call in Fire spirits to aid you in battle.
(#,¥)World in Flames: Dragon King Mode, Flame Thrall, Repeating Fireball, & Call Dragon- As you are fighting monsters, your thralls and your spells bathe the world in fire.
(¥)Dragon King's Wrath: Dragon King Mode & Fire Breath-As you are fighting, you use the Wrath of Dragons, Incinerating your foes.

As stated above, followers aren't a good idea, as certain spells can and will kill them, so be cautious when having followers. This build is meant for the Mage who works alone.

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