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This is a awesome build! Merry Christmas Linkonearth.

By ItssKeano on Dec 21, 2016
#5399 Reply
Merry Christmas to you too.

By Linkonearth on Dec 21, 2016
#5403 Reply
Ol' Saint Nick has one S in the name "Claus". >.>
And what kinda gifts are we leaving? Charcoal for the bad boys and girls, I assume?

By wuyixiang on Dec 20, 2016
#5396 Reply
yes you give charcoal,poisons, or iron ore.

By Linkonearth on Dec 21, 2016
#5404 Reply
I... don't think Santa poisons bad boys and girls. Though I would not be against him doing so.


I am not fit for parenting.

By wuyixiang on Dec 21, 2016
#5406 Reply
Don't forget about breaking into people's houses and giving them gifts.

By OldNickDonald on Dec 20, 2016
#5394 Reply