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Magic Sponge 54 #449507

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To be honest, this build is not good. I mean, it's just equipment with no background to give it any depth. This build can be done with zero effort and the gameplay isn't specific. So, sorry, but this isn't a good build.

By DragonKing12 on Dec 22, 2016
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Really? Was this build so important you just HAD to publish it but somehow not important enough to write a full 150-character excerpt!?

By wuyixiang on Dec 22, 2016
#5407 Reply
I'm with him cause this isn't really a build, I mean there's no backstory, no goal, no equipment besides miiraks robes and stuff, and this is easy to do, just go on youtube. And come on, if your gonna do something just to finish the excerpt, at least make it interesting or funny, just something just not spamming 1, not being rude, just doing constructive criticism.

By WombatTheGreat on Dec 22, 2016
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