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The Last Dragonheart V2 51 #449767

This is a remake of The Last Dragonheart. So, certain things will be different.

The Dragonheart Clan was a powerful clan back in the age of the Dov. During so, they were Dragon priests( The ones you'll see now in skyrim) and Officials. In secret, they learned the Thuum so they could defend themselves. But, then humans rebelled. Those Dragonhearts who were Dragon priests gave up their masks and fled. After the war, The Dragonheart Clan reclaimed the masks and lived a good life. In the fourth era, the Thalmor issued a law that all Dragonhearts must die. After they were killed and buried in tombs, they found out you were still alive. So, they searched for you, but to no avail. Later, you grew up and went to Skyrim. But you were caught on the border.

You are a pure mage, so no weapons or armor. You use only fire spells and your stat distribution is 70% Magika, 20% Health, and 10% Stamina for sprinting ONLY. Soon you'll learn that Imperials killed your Clan, so in your need for power, you turned to vampirism. Even though you can use Vampire Lord powers, you don't have to.

Powers(#=Harms Followers ¥=Lots of Magika Required)
(#)Wrath of Akatosh: Slow time & Fire Storm-Unleash the Wrath of Akatosh as you slow time, your foes running to their doom. When they get close, unleash a blast of Fire, incinerating your foes.
(#)Apocalyptic Flames: Meteor Shower( Obtained by Console Commands) & Fire Storm-As your foes try killing you, unleash the Flames of Destruction, bringing an apocalypse.
(#)Sun Dragon's Might: Sun Flare & Fire Storm-Unleash the power of the Sun, destroying all enemies in your way.
(¥)Ultimate Spell, Dragon King Mode: Dragon Aspect, Dragonhide, Flame Cloak- As your enemies are at full power, unleash the power of your draconian blood, becoming a magical powerhouse.
(¥)Transformation: Dracopire Form: Dragon King Mode & Vampire Lord-When fighting those who killed your Clan, the Thalmor, unleash your full fury, combining the powers of Akatosh & Molag Bal, turning g your body into
Dragon King Mode's Powers
(¥)Dragon King's Summoning: Dragon King Mode & Call Dragon- Summon a Dragon to Fight with you.

(¥)Draconian Overlord: Dragon King Mode & Bend Will- When fighting enemies and a Dragon, use your power to control it, making it fight for you.

(¥)World in Flames: Dragon King Mode, Flame Thrall, Fire Spells, & Call Dragon- When fighting, you thralls and you bathe the world in fire.

(#)Dragon King's Apocalypse: Dragon King Mode, Storm Call, Fire Spells- When Fighting the toughest of foes, bring out an apocalypse, destroying anyone and everyone.

Your Equipment is same as before, but have an amulet of Akatosh instead. Also, get the blessing of Akatosh too.

Guilds & Quests
College of Winterhold
Castle Volkihar
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood
Helping the Divines
Rings of The Vampire Quests

Original build-

Similar builds

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