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The Huntress 65 #451106

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Remember that in The Elder Scrolls Half-Breeds takes the race of the mother. Nothing is half Nord - Redguard. It's Nord or Redguard. Even if the Father is a Nord, the child will still be a redguard (Just with a pailer skin).

By Edptv on Jan 6, 2017
#5503 Reply
Oh OK. I was trying to come up with a title and that's what popped up since I made my character a Nord, but made her look like a Redguard.

By insaner2play on Jan 6, 2017
#5505 Reply
In terms of Lore. Thats pretty Lore Breaking. As long as you are find with it. Most other non lore breaking roleplayers (Like Myself) may pick a redguard.

By Edptv on Jan 6, 2017
#5506 Reply
Yeah. I wanted a Redguard at first, but I couldn't make a decent face. That's why I went Nord because it was the best face I could make, and then I gave her a dark tan skin. And I really don't want to start over now. emoticon

By insaner2play on Jan 6, 2017
#5507 Reply
This is a pretty good build great work!!!

By dragonslayen247 on Jan 6, 2017
#5498 Reply
Thanks. Hopefully this time I don't redo the build again.

By insaner2play on Jan 6, 2017
#5504 Reply