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The True Nord 29 #451394

A build for Nord fans or Frost fans.

FACTION: Companions

Destroy your enemy with two-handed power attacks filled with frost to slow enemies down or give them frostbite to weaken them for a final blow with your frost breath or ice form.
I recommend ice form for lower levels playing on Adept+ as it acts like paralyze but lesser.
Archery is also recommended but there is no needed perks for the build.


Weapon: Aegisbane or Stalhrim Battleaxe(DLC)
Helmet: Stormcloak Officers Helmet or Nordic Carved Helmet(DLC)
Armor: Steel Plate Armor or Nordic Carved Armor(DLC)
Gauntlets: Steel Plate Gauntlets or Nordic Carved Gauntlets(DLC)
Boots: Steel Plate Boots or Nordic Carved Boots(DLC)
Misc 1: Ring(Two-handed enchantment)
Misc 1: Amulet of Talos

Major Skills: Two-Handed, Enchantment, and Speech
Minor Skills: Archery, Alchemy, and Light Armor.

Equipment Guide
Steel Plate Armor(Chest Piece Only): Go to Riften and go left from the entrance when your facing the guards and the door until you reach a path, take the path until right after the bridge to your left there will be the Black-Briar with steel plate armor.
For a whole set, a random encounter of a mercenary, might be leveled.


Amulet of Talos: Sometimes On a dead stormcloak.

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