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The True Nord 29 #451394

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True Nords don't stoop to using magic. The Nord is a Warrior race and damned proud of it. In fact, using magic is often frowned upon in Nordic society, even if the Jarls have court wizards.

By wuyixiang on Jan 11, 2017
#5530 Reply
True Nords are often more a fan of Light armour.
It's a reason why they get a 10 + to Two-Handed, 5 + To Light Armour, Block, Smithing, One-Handed and Speech.
They are meant to deal damage, but not take damage.

Heavy Armour is possible to use for a "True Nord", but if you walk around in Skyrim. Most Nords use Light Armour and Two-Handed. Galmar Stone-Fist is maybe the most stereotyped Nord. (Sorry, Suck at English sometimes).

By Edptv on Jan 9, 2017
#5522 Reply
Ysgramor would like a word with you.

By wuyixiang on Jan 10, 2017
#5526 Reply
That, and both Ancient Nord and Nordic armors are Heavy.

By wuyixiang on Jan 10, 2017
#5527 Reply
Ysgramor can suck it, and then over to a Short rant:
I wish Ancient Nordic Armour had a light set as well.

By Edptv on Jan 11, 2017
#5528 Reply
You did not just tell Ysgramor to suck it. Aw, nah.

By wuyixiang on Jan 11, 2017
#5529 Reply
Oh Hell I did.
(Fun Fact: Hell in Norwegian is 'Helvete' Witch is a place believe it or not).

By Edptv on Jan 11, 2017
#5533 Reply
There's a city called "Hell" in the USA.

By wuyixiang on Jan 11, 2017
#5534 Reply
The have the best T-Shirt. It says "I've been to Hell and back."

By wuyixiang on Jan 11, 2017
#5535 Reply
your nord true ours are fake ? emoticon

By clawshaper on Jan 9, 2017
#5521 Reply
Nice build! emoticon

By Skinofdeath on Jan 8, 2017
#5520 Reply