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The Dawnguard Member 38 #451757

For the race, you most likely will want an Orc or a Nord. It depends if you want the Orc for berserker or Nord for the Skyrim reasons, it's up to you.

Now for a backstory, this soon-to-be member has lived in Markarth, and he had heard of the Dawnguard and the Vampires. He didn't care much for the Companions, Dark Brotherhood, etc... But he always wanted to join the Dawnguard. When he was a child he found one of their axes on the ground, so he began using it for training, and soon he was in fights because of his strength. When he grew up, he heard from a guard in Markarth that the Dawnguard were employing. He was so excited, he nearly ran out of Markarth immedietly, but he stopped himself. He told his parents he was leaving, and he was on his way to join the Dawnguard.

For the Armor of the build, you will want a full-face heavy Dawnguard Full-face Helmet, the gray kind of heavy Dawnguard Armor, the heavy Dawnguard gloves & boots. For the weapons, you will choose (Dwarven) Crossbow (or Auriel's Bow), Steel/Dwarven Bolts (or Sunhallowed Arrows,) Dawnguard War axe, and the Dawnguard shield (or Auriel's shield).

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