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Hidden Dragon 45 #451791

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this is the build for fun, normally I'm not using sneaky chars, probably I m gonna delete this one later

By clawshaper on Jan 11, 2017
#5538 Reply
Yeah, Sneak is so overpowered, it gets boring too quickly.

By wuyixiang on Jan 12, 2017
#5543 Reply
I've never before leant back to watch anything. If anything, a story should be gripping enough so that the audience leans *forward*.

By wuyixiang on Jan 11, 2017
#5537 Reply
Delete your account. Seriously. If you have nothing better to do with your life than make over 300 comments in a day doing nothing but bully other people, you seriously need to leave.

By OkaazDoDinok on Jan 12, 2017
#5542 Reply
-claps- XD

By Scrappy-Metal on Jan 12, 2017
#5548 Reply
If you must know, I'm not actually on this site all that much. I pop in when I get email notifications is all.

By wuyixiang on Jan 12, 2017
#5546 Reply