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Honestly, I've quit playing TES5 in favor of FO4, so I'm mainly dropping input rather than publishing my own builds.

Restoration & Illusion

[Republished] Seraphina Cassia was the High Priestess of an Imperial temple dedicated to the Nine Divines. When the Thalmor decreed that Talos be removed from the pantheon, she refused and was nearly executed for her trouble. She has since fled to Skyrim.

By wuyixiang on Jan 17, 2017
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Archery & Heavy Armor

I've noticed a lot of builds that seem to have a very minimal investment of time and effort invested. This is a post about how to format a build so that it's not a giant text dump that nobody has the time or energy to read. You do NOT have to follow this.

By wuyixiang on Nov 18, 2016
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Illusion & Restoration

Avoid making your mark on history by making your enemies slaughter each other for you! Note: This is not a role-play guide, and there is no set equipment list.

By wuyixiang on Jul 31, 2016
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Damn, I have a very similar build idea, but please don't publish without a proper description.

At that point, why bother with magic at all if the endgame is to get physical damage to outweigh magical damage entirely? That's not a mage, then. It's a warrior who can maybe use magic. Spellsword, runeblade, etc. Battlemages are mages who can fight, not warriors who can use magic.

No, I've done Legendary without Archery. It's not hard if you learn mob patterns.

I really don't think Archery is core if you're playing a mage. It's really redundant.

Get a description worth anything, and then we'll discuss "beauty".