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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
new hidden perk I found in this build , flashing the titties cause double weapon damage to enemies also stuns opposite gender until slap them in face x second emoticon, btw I 'd suggest lover stone for hybrid chars or thief stone may be better for this sneaky build but its your choice of course..

imo there are two type damages 1. level based damages such as armsman which needs to be rise with your level for high level enemies 2. bonus damages like savage strike which is need to be choosen for class dependent, so these 3/5 two handed perk means you re hiting below your level

if you gonna use it, staves not benefit from soul siphon perk so it will be wasted

I 'd suggest that around 250 mana enough for that build, rest of will be your choice, also could be better courage like magic on summoned lord if you don't have any another attack type

I want to thank jonathanmnking88, because he is sensitive about racism or insulting like comments, I want to thank vengeful because he is understood he made a mistake even its a joke and apologized about it (reply667emoticon. Both of saying someone to "sorry" or not allowing "insulting" things shows decent personality. We hope so there is no more discusses here and anywhere like that again