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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
guys I selected stones but any other advice appreciated about it, thx

fine guide..emoticon

i just wanted to write some recommendations for you but i was just lazy about it and i cut it shortly then it seems rudely as seen,
i m sorry if i m upset you, keep it up, your builds fine to me
for eternus, yes there is not much thing on it because my english is not good as writing long stories like other members, it seems on my new builds too, perks and overall build shapes more important for me, and i dislike to being overpowered, tell me which my build is overpowered and i will delete or redesign it gladly


ah, you understand me wrong, there is no offense, I didn't say it don't like it, you wanted to do simple and useful build I know, but there are some conflicts and some questions about it, seems main problem is ahzidal mask
for example
-this build seems 29 level with 250 mana 100 health 100 stamina with ahzidal mask, but ahzidal appears when player level 60 ( other dragon priests appears on minimum level 50)
-ahzidal in Kolbjorn Barrow, its in solstheim, hearstone quests appears after player level 30 ?
-for ahzidal mask quest you need to be have at least 3000k gold for payin to npc at 29 level
-if you cant get mask how you gona cast master level spells with 150 mana without mask
-at 29 level you re goin to face off 1 to 29 lvl enemies which is +500k health (blood dragon 1421 health, bandits +400 health and above) is it maximum 18 sec duration become ethernal will save you ?

ok use it then..