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Hi guys

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Fast travel?

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Thanks just realized I have armour equipped just changed it thank you

Mage armor perks won't work with armor on. I suggest spending the perks on magic resistance instead if the build prefers wearing light armor. Cool backstory and playstyle though emoticon

Also, i know i am missing the a few skills, I've been working on her melee/sneak skills but have just started focusing on her magical abilities recently. Beginning to think i should've focused there in the beginning instead of doing it now.

Currently trying to build a Barenziah read most of the real barenziah books as well as read as much of the lore on her lofe as i could. (Playing as if shes been reincarnated) I am looking for any additional info so if you got something to add, help a brother out.

At this point, no description would have been better than this.

I hope not. There are a lot of great builds in this site that deserve attention and good ratings like this one.

Is that common here?