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Help with a build for Geralt of Rivia
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Fast travel?

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This doesn't say what i need for the build

'm sorry, I did not know this possibility, I do not know the vast majority of the functionality of the site, including the build is not my creation, I got the the build on reddit, and save here! Thanks for the advice!

If you make a build just for personal reference, you can just keep it private instead of making it public. You'll still be able to check it out whenever you want.

I'm new at this site and in Skyrim game, only save the build here for when I play, I can acess and see the correct location of skills. Only for that.

Fixed it for ya!

Hey everyone sorry that the description isn?t showing for some reason I got it all spellchecked and everything but it won?t let me publish that part still but hopefully it will be up soon

I chose light armor mostly because this player is meant to play as an assassin and a necromancer but mostly its also a story for four of the five children of sithis and the night mother there are also weapon mods that add scythes in terms of a mask I think any of the dragonborn DLC masks would work they are the closest to resembling skulls you don't really need to look like the picture just seem like a specter of death I chose that picture because I like the darksiders series.