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By hongwei28 on February 20th, 2019
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When did you start playing Skyrim?

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It says right in the description. 1h+spell

CJ is this char dual wielded or you gonna just swing that sword in single hand ? can you describe it ? (i.e spells on off hand, weapon on main hand ..etc)

This is a pretty good build, it didn't deserve a two star rating.
I would suggest putting in something about making potions of fortify destruction and poisons of weakness to shock, as well. Alchemy is one of the few ways to increase the damage of destruction spells, rather than just reducing the cost.

Pretty spot on, but why Mercantile? Lucifer is not a business man. That's Crowley! emoticon

yeah, i guess i just kind of overlooked it since i was really only looking at unique gear and gear that was in my head when i wrote it out. I also mostly pay attention to later game stuff.

That was supposed to be an emoji, not question marks