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Fast travel?

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Lord stone usually prefer by heavy armored units because its protects them from weapon and magic critical shots (50 armor rating also provides damage reduction and reduces %25 spell damage bonus )
I usually suggest lover stone which uses both combat and magic skills together

After playing myself, I ended up doing that and changing my standing stone to the Lord Stone.

I think I understand what you are saying, alright I'll rethink it

Uhm… actually your build is will be weak against for all enemies because, as you know, your skills only improve if you use them. Thus, if your character has the weapon skill, but always uses spell and not weapon, your spell skill increases, while your weapon skill never improves or slows. With all skills, the higher the rating, the better you are at using that skill. Therefore, if you switch from spells to weapons at high levels, your weapon skill will start out too low to penetrate the defense of monsters of your same level.
In your build seems you re either mage-warrior(not hybrid), seems you gonna switch your skills often weapon to spell or spell to weapon, so you can understand what is going to be happen to your damage skills now..

What do you mean? Are you saying he's lacking weaknesses ?

imo, every hero should have weaknesses and strengthness, How?, Mage-Warrior-Thief is given an advantage against an opposing class, while receiving a disadvantage against the other.This is called The "combat triangle" is a game mechanic put in place to balance out the different combat styles in PvE or PVP combat
Also selecting all skills not makes you skilled or powerfull, just the opposite, its cause unreachable levels, Wasted perks etc..
If you wanna create a Hybrid build which is uses magic and melee damages, i'm suggesting weapon on main hand, spell on other hand without blocking skill, that style will give you an opportunity to raise both spell and weapon damage together, otherwise one of your damage skill will stay low degree than other.

What do you think about using Creation Club armors, Spell knight, Vigilant and Armor of the Nine Divines as quests.
Because the Vigilant`s armors are easy to get and close to the College of Winterhold.
I believe both the Spell knight and the Armor of the Nine is closer to Markarth.
If you want you can use Arcane Accessories, which drops novice mage robes of every school into your inventory and starts a quest for a lost library of spells.