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Do you use glitches to your advantage?

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hey, I love your build and I hope you don't mind me using your format to use on my version of talion.

Loved what you did here, hope you don't mind but I used a few of your builds for my two versions.

I recently started a build that matches yours in description 100% and I have to say OMG is it fun and powerful! I have never really used runes before due to their high cost, but for a melee character, they are an amazing thing you can throw into the fight, even if not using the dawnguard hammer. And as you stated, the flame cloak (or any cloak spell for that matter) synergizes so well with this build as well. One thing you might add on top is the ebony mail. This is a free poison damage cloak spell whenever in combat on a pretty armour.
Now I need to go and make me a rune mage. Or any mage and make use of runes to level up because OMG it levels quickly.

I like the idea of a pacifist / tourist build, though to me you could make it more efficient: instead of spending perks for half cast cost in 3 different schools, you could save about 11 perk points and invest 8 of them in enchanting instead to reduce your magicka cost drastically in the three schools or completely in two schools.

Additionally, lockpicking as a perk tree has almost zero use since it is easy with a little practice to open every master lock without problems.

All in all a cool idea. i have once played through Skyrim in a sort of pacifist way where i focused on necromancy and restoration to heal a companion/thrall while never actually dealing damage myself. It took ages to kill Alduin, but it was still quite fun. Also, Harmony ftw! emoticon

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For aesthetics, I`d do all orcish equipment. He is an Orc Paladin after all.
For perk/damage ratio, I'd do all Glass Weapons. He is a Orsimer Paladin.

If on console i recommend the half elf race mod on xbox one