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The Castigator 42 #380687

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i have tried it and i beat the game in 1 and one half of a day because i have console commands and just made myself lvl 80 and 100 perk points so it's a pretty good build

By assassin24 on Feb 1, 2021
#7845 Reply
Pictures restored.

By daftPirate on Jun 5, 2018
#7147 Reply
Here's a list of insulting people to kill:

Galdrus Hlervu (already mentioned)
Nazeem (Puffed up, ignorant buffoon)
Vasha (DB questline. Guy's a jerk)
Ancano (Actually, all of the Thalmor. Except Ondolemar, he's chill)
Mercer Frey (Murdered the previous Guildmaster, stole from the Guild, and tried to steal the Eyes of the Falmer as a final middle finger).
Commander Maro (KILLED THE FAMILY)
Amaud Motierre (sniveling idiot)

By SephirotAero on Mar 2, 2015
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Great build! I really really like the idea of being a mentor to your follower.

By Onog on Nov 22, 2014
#256 Reply
Thanks Onog! I'm usually not much of a follower kind of guy, but it fit this character really well!

By daftPirate on Nov 22, 2014
#257 Reply
Great build - before I test it, can you tell me from where you get the awesome cape? Is it a part of the hood? Where can I find it?

By Syrax on Oct 31, 2014
#151 Reply
The capes are from the Cloaks of Skyrim mod, which is now attached to the build in the mods tab. I play on XBox, but Skyrim runs just well enough on my laptop to take screen shots sometimes, so I figured I'd go the extra mile with some mods for looks. I wish cloaks were in the vanilla game emoticon

By daftPirate on Nov 1, 2014
#154 Reply
Hey, Lancelot2500, I got a few builds I think you'll like. I have a few public ones, the rest of mine are in my favorites.

By HawkeyeSierra on Oct 6, 2014
#111 Reply
Man , this build is not what I normally play , I like something like ranger or mage , but , this build made me wanna try something different , thanks for this awesome build , and I want to see more builds comming from you emoticon
Btw , sorry for bad english.

By Lancelot25000 on Aug 20, 2014
#49 Reply
There are definitely more coming! I've got a few builds on The Skyrim Blog that I'll recreate for the folks here. Thanks for the kind words!

By daftPirate on Aug 21, 2014
#53 Reply
Wow, this is looking awesome Daft! Featured! emoticon

By Ziao on Aug 11, 2014
#40 Reply
Thanks, Ziao! It was a lot of fun to put together!

By daftPirate on Aug 11, 2014
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