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The Speedster 41 #395101

The speedster was fastest in his village. He could win any race. In later age he accepted a race that was from his village to the top of a mountain. But this mountain was in skyrim, and his village was not. He was caught on the border. He had no knowledge in combat, so in helgen keep he grabbed the first weapons and armor he could find which were two swords and light armor. After finding out he was the dragonborn, he used his new power to increase his speed even more! YAY!

You can join and do whatever. You don't need to be extremely charitable, but don't be mean either.

Use the two swords and deck them out with as much damage(smithing) and increased speed(encanting) as you can. Wear the amulet of talos and have the blessing of talos at all times, so that you can use the whirlwind sprint shout. Be a nord. Put like 80% stamina and 20% health or something.

For enchantments I would recommend increased movement speed or increased swinging speed or something like that.

Similar builds

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