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Restoration Mage 60 #395133

The Sacred Healer

= Build Details =

Race: Imperial
(customize to your like. Remember to choose a Latin/Roman based name as others Imperials. You can use a nickname suitable for a Mage also, if you want)

Primary Skills: Restoration Magic (Support/Healing), Destruction Magic/Lightning Element Only (Offensive), Alteration Magic (Support), Speech (Profession)

Standing Stones:
. The Mage Stone (+20% faster learning to Magic Skills) when you start playing after you left the Helgen)
. The Lover Stone (+15% faster learning to All Skills) during early and mid gam eplay time, this is your overall game stone till you finish the build for this character
. The Lord Stone (+50 Armor and +25% Resist Magic) at end game, after the build being completed.

Most interest in Items:


. All enchanted Restoration, Alteration or Destruction magic Benefit Clothes, some enchanted specific gems such Resist Poison, Fire, Frost etc or Lockpicking +30% easy, etc. Don't wear any light or heavy armor unless if you want to play the role of a Imperial or Stormcloack serving during the civil war. Be aware those will not trigger the Mage Armor Perk Points in Alteration School.

. A good Enchanted 1H Sword for personal use, one that focus more in HP damage than magic or stamina.

. Staffs that focus on damage as well. Staff of Magnus is an excellent Staff for end game play.

Daedric Artifact:

Dawnbreaker offered by the Daedric Princess Meridia. Dawnbreaker is an enchanted 1H Sword that will make the target burn for 10 points and have a chance to make undead exploding when you kill them, turning them or doing AoE damage to others undead around.

Favorable Gods and their blessings:

Magic Overall Benefits:
. Akatosh (Magicka Regenerate 10% faster)
. Julianos (+25 Magicka)

Healing Specific Benefits:
. Mara (Healing Spells heals 10% more)

Speech and Commerce Benefits:
. Zenithar (Prices 10% better)
. Dibella (+10 Speech)

Favorable limited time buffs:
.Charity (give a coin to a beggar: +10 Speech for limited time)
. Voice of the Sky (Won't be attacked by wild animals for a limited time and they won't flee when see you. This include spiders and wolfs as well but if you attack them you lose the buff)

Favorable Quest Earned Buffs:

. Agent of Dibella (+10% Melee Damage) reward from The Heart of Dibella quest
. Agent of Mara (+15% Resist Magick) reward from The Book of Love quest
. Eternal Spirit (+25% faster health recover when you're Ethereal) Phaartunax Word of Power Meditation Choice
. Sailor's Repose (+10% Healing Power) reward from Frostflow Abyss quest

Signed Dragon Shout:

. FEIM ZII GROM (Fade - Spirit - Bind); Become Ethereal: "The Thu'um reaches out to the void, changing your form to one that cannot harm, or be harmed."

Favorite Ingredient:

. Hawk Feathers (It will cure all your diseases instantly if you eat it)

Favorite Potions in order of most needed ones:

. 1) Magicka Potions (always have some stored with you)
. 2) Health Potions (give them to your current follower/ally. They will use it well on their own needs. Save 1 with you in case of a emergency)
. 3) Fortify Restoration, Destruction, Blacksmith, Lockpicking etc (on their needs during your game play. Fortify Destruction/Restoration work well on boss battles)
. 4) Resist some specific element depending on your need. Since you can cover yourself well against magic you don't need to worry much with those
. 5) Carry Extra Weight (for those with a limited weight carry option)
. 6) Poisons for an extra hand when going melee.

Favorite Food:

Elsweyr Fondue (Regenerate 25 points in Magicka for 720 seconds; Fortify Magicka +100 points for 720 seconds) - your meal before a big adventure in a dungeon. To make one, you need some Eidar Cheese Wheel, Ale and Moon Sugar

Marriage Suggestions:

. Jordis The SwordMaiden if you like female characters (The Perfect Tank/Healer team. Good looks, good voice, a educated and devoted person. Jordis can buy you time to recover your Magicka, making the enemy busy. She will give her life for you literally as housecarl and wife)
. Marcurio if you like male characters. Same as Jordis, he have some good looks, good voice but have kinda the inflated ego. (As a Destruction Mage, he can help you doing more DPS allowing you to kill stuff faster. Jus remember he is not much durable - as you - with no armor so you need to pay double attention when doing quests with him)

Ally/Follower Suggestions:

. Try to quest with any person you can. Seriously, this will increase your game experience and give you some side goals, such give those allies better armor/stuff. It's fun to quest with different people so don't worry to choose a specific person. Let them all grow stronger! That's one of your jobs as a Healer/Support!

= Ques tline Chart for this character =

First Chapter - The Sacred Healer Radiant Saga

. After you escape from Helgen with Hadvar or Roloff, go to the 3 Standing Stone nearest you and choose the Mage Stone.
. Go to Riverwood, sell the stuffs you don't need and next go all the way to Winterhold. I recommend to walk on foot so you can train while you travel. There will be a very strong Fort on your path during the journey with some Necromancers and Skeletons guarding it. You can fight hiding yourself to recharge Magicka and avoiding the Skull Archers or simply running past them. Once you hit Winterhold, apply on the Mage College and be a student, talking with Mirabella and doing your first lesson with Tolfdir.
. Now at this stage you're kinda free. Be an explorer/adventurer and come back to College from time to time to improve your skills and update your clothes/items
. When you grow a bit stronger, follow the other Colleges quest lines till you have Tolfdir back to College with the Eye of Magnus (just when you come back with the books that Urag gro-Shub - the Orc in Arcanaeum - ask you to retrieve)
. At this time you must get the Lover Stone to help you level on the other areas you need, such Blocking, Speeching and 1Handed. This Standing Stone can be found traveling east from Markath.
. Keep exploring Skyrim. You can go to Solitude and follow the quest lines of the city if you want, since it will be your main city as an Imperial
. When you think you're prepared, do the Stormcloack/Imperial civil war quest line. You can choose any side but I always choose the Imperials since I'm one of them.
. When you become really powerful as a Mage, say when you have some of the best clothes and enchanted items and at least learned all the Restoration Master Spells, it's time to become the College's Archmage. Finish the College quest lines, beat Ancano and live your reputation. Do not forget to ask your spouse/husband to move to Archmage's Room in case you don't have the Proudspire Manor House available yet. This will end the first part of your progress.

Second Chapter - The Dragonborn Lives!

. Now it's time to attend Akatosh calling. You're the Dragonborn!!! Go to Whiterun and talk with the Jarl Balgruuf about the incident
. Follow the Dragonborn main quests, don't forget to search for the Words of Power with the Greybeards.
. If you already mastered all the Perks of this build, its time to change your Standing Stone to The Lord Stone. This will be your last stone.
. Finish the Dragonborn quest line, beating Alduin and unlocking the other shouts. Even if you're high in levels and the enemy is more difficult, unlucky for them you're a specialist against undead forces, their main source of power. Poor Alduin/Dragons.
. Try to get the shout Become Ethereal and talk with Phaarthunax once you done to improve the shout power.
. As a Healer, you cannot be a member of the Blades and support their dragon killing bloody thirsty. Turn Esbern/Delphine offers down, stick with the wise Phaarthunax and the Greybeards. You can receive more help than you need to deal with the Dragons problem as the Supreme Archmage of Winterhold's College from all Skyrim land.
. Once you finished mastering all shouts, you're done with this chapter.

Third Chapter - The Avatar

. Now your power or knowledge know no limits. You're the Dragonborn, the Archmage of Winterhold and the Savior of Skyrim! You're a true legend between the people.
. You don't need to play as much at this stage of the game. You have some extra perks points that I left free for you to choose where you will apply it. You can try new things, such Archery or Pickpocket as hobbies maybe. It's really up to you. You can past more time walking with your spouse/husband or visiting old friends. There's nothing on this world that you cannot do. You can also be a true Avatar and once your job is done, you can simply disappear from the world and delete your game, to serve on the other plans of reality. The Sacred Healer will be always with you, as you gave him life.
This is the end.

= About the Healer =

There are some rules you must follow to play this character properly. As a Healer, you want to protect and help those on their needs. You like living and nature and dislike evil, hate and cruelty. With this in mind it's easy to know your path. Just remember that:

Justice with no Mercy is Cruelty.
Mercy with no Justice is Blindness.

Always think about that before making foolish decisions.

Sacrifice, Serenity, Piety are also words that help your job. If you can't win against some atrocious quests during game, try to avoid them as much as you can. Don't judge people by what they're doing currently but for what you can see of good about them. Avoid violence but don't make your heart weak. Fight if necessary. Kill if necessary, but the most important thing: forgive.
You're not from that world, but you have placed, born and placed on that world to show how the best you can do, for you and the others. That's all!

= Combat =

. Prioritize Healing your comrades/yourself than doing damage
. Use the many Lightning Spells as your primary Source of Damage. I choose Lightning because it can disintegrate bodies so they cannot be used for Necromancy
. Use your sword/staff to gain time while your Magicka is recharging or to help your allies in fight
. Don't be ashamed to run. You fight best at mid range and you need to think strategic when fighting. The enemy is a way stronger than you? Run. Become strong then come back.

Thank you for reading!

Notes: On my other Skyrim characters I was always being kinda OP due to most of game called "professions" breaking the balance between me and my enemies. So I come up with the idea of become a merchant, a vendor who will sell stuff and buy stuffs I want/need instead of crafting them. The only perk I figure I "really need", was the arcane craft perk at the blacksmith, to be able to improve magical armors and weapons for my allies and me.

I always like to be a support class on most of games I play. Call of Duty? I'm the guy with the shield. WOW? I'm the Discipline Priest or the Holy Paladin. That's the role I enjoy most and this moved me to work on a healer/support class on Skyrim. The hardest part is to be cool without being op. In fact this mean you can be good on some aspects of the game but you need to be not so good in others aspects, so you can enjoy a far more advanced experience.

Also I want to apologize due to my grammar, english isn't my native language.

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