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FM: The Sorcerer 51 #395952

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That's fucked up. You delete my build and place my comment on one of yours. What a chump move.

By Tailgun on Jul 15, 2018
#7195 Reply
Doesn't look like anyone hacked into the website recently, or that anything like that has happened. Could you give me the link to the build you claim was deleted? I'll see what I can dig up.

By Ziao on Jul 20, 2018
#7210 Reply
Ziao to the rescue! emoticon

By wuyixiang on Jul 20, 2018
#7211 Reply
That's not even possible on this site. Calm yo' tits.

By wuyixiang on Jul 16, 2018
#7197 Reply
Really? Because that's exactly what happened. My build, the Illusion Assassin, was deleted entirely and my comments to another user were moved to this page.

By Tailgun on Jul 16, 2018
#7199 Reply
And immediately, your first thought was malice and not some programming error? That's nice.

By wuyixiang on Jul 16, 2018
#7200 Reply
Oh wait, I thought I was crazy and this could never happen and now we've moved to it did happen but it wasn't malicious or have anything to do with the fact that the build originated from a competing YT channel. Am I doing this right? emoticon

By Tailgun on Jul 16, 2018
#7201 Reply
You genuinely think Fudgemuppet *needs* to do something like that or that he even has the time to hack into a Skyrim build site to steal comments?


Give me a break.

By wuyixiang on Jul 16, 2018
#7203 Reply
Erm, wut

How could anyone even do that??

By BronzTrooper on Jul 16, 2018
#7196 Reply
Too much time or money. *shrugs*

By wuyixiang on Jul 16, 2018
#7204 Reply
I can't take credit for this build as it is from a YT video. But it is one I'm more or less pursuing.

By Tailgun on Jul 11, 2018
#7180 Reply
I really enjoy the difference of this build than any other sorcerer build as in using an Ork rather than a Breton or a Dark Elf. All around a good build. emoticon

By Guest on Jun 1, 2015
#1519 Reply
Good Build. Nice one. ??

By Guest on Feb 7, 2015
#449 Reply