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Arcane Knight 44 #396055

2020 Update: I have returned. It's been six years since I made this build for fun, and having seen that 30k viewers have looked upon this build, I am inspired to finish what I started. So far the changes have been the reduction of peak points. This has decreased the level requirement from 58 to 44. The reason for this change is simple: take away from the fluff and leave the core elements of this build. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a continued explanation of these changes. Enjoy.


An arcane knight is a knight infused with magical abilities that results in a deadly warrior being unleashed onto the world. Arcane knights are mages in mind but warrior in spirit, and on the battlefield; a hybrid of both. Clad with heavy armor and a shield, both enchanted, with addition magical and elemental resistance; the arcane knight is able to endure the most challenging of fights with the aid of magic or his/her enchanted hand weapon. The focus of an arcane knight is blocking and enchanting. The arcane knight's shield is his life and enchantments are his insurance. The magical focus on an arcane knight is enchanting, destruction, alteration, and restoration while the warrior skills focus on heavy armor, one-handed weapons, smithing, and blocking. Alteration is used to increase the spell resistance of the fully enchanted arcane knight. Restoration helps increase magical regeneration while allowing the magical knight to heal himself during combat. If a one-handed weapon is ineffective during a fight, destruction magic is a valid replacement but in company with a shield. The rest are the standard characteristics of a knight.
Roleplaying Description

The arcane knight upholds honor and dignity but the mystic knight's primary loyalty is to knowledge, reason, and truth. The mage within the armored knight causes him to be curious of the world around him and many of his adventures are revolved around the outcome of his curiosity. The moral conscience that stems off from his chivalry inspires the arcane knight to help insure justice and protect the weak. Honor is the foundation of the arcane knight, courage makes up his bones, and honesty defines his character. To be an arcane knight, you must be brave but use your mind as well. Your passion for knowledge will lead you to aspiring heights but your dedication towards other will keep you humble. Do you have what it takes to be an arcane knight?
Mods are not required at all!

(From level 1-55)
Magic: 2 Health: 3 Stamina: 1
(From level 55-60)
Magic: 4 Health: 0 Stamina 1
Total: Magic: 320 Health: 370 Stamina 200

Enchantments: (Player's choice but magic resistance cannot go above 50% as well elemental resistance)

Helmet: Restoration and waterbreathing (Advanced magical knights should be prepared for any situation)
Neck: Resist Disease and poison
Chest: Health and Health regeneration
Hands: One-handed and block
Finger: Destruction and magicka regeneration
Feet: Resist fire and frost
Shield: Resist shock and magic
Weapon: Fiery soul trap and Shock

(This is to create a strong enchanted knight while not abusing resist and defense bonuses at the same time)

Equipment: (If you use 85% magic resistance and 85% elemental resistance which would make elemental resistance 97%, then the build wouldn't be very fun because you would be able to withstand mages and dragons too easily. The same goes for dragon plate armor with legendary armor bonuses. The level 100 smithing is for upgrading low level armors you want to use for your arcane knight so that the armor is still effective. The current list for equipment is an attempt to make a strong knight/mage but also have the game be a challenge at the same time.)

Head: Flawless Steel Plate Helmet

Neck: (Any necklace)

Chest: Flawless Steel Plate Armor

Gauntlets: Flawless Steel Plate Gauntlets

Finger: (Any ring)

Feet: Flawless Steel Plate Gauntlets

Shield: (Shield of your choice)

Weapon: (Weapon of your choice)
Roleplaying as an Arcane Knight:
Playing your Skyrim character as an Arcane Knight can be a very fun and rewarding experience. However, the amount of enjoyment you receive from your roleplaying story depends on the story you create and the depth of immersion you put into it.

A long journey ahead...
Starting off as an Arcane Knight in Skryim
You will have to use your imagination to basically pretend you were not at Helgen or incorporate a story that would explain why you were arrested. (Losing your memory is a great way to explain why an Arcane Knight would be so weak in the beginning of the game unless you use console commands for the PC)

Becoming an Arcane Knight in Skyrim
Again, what was mentioned above but instead; you are not an Arcane Knight already. To become an Arcane Knight, you must follow a few steps:
1. Become a Knight
2. Become a Mage
3. Have equipment that would uphold the reputation of an Arcane Knight

Becoming a Knight
You must decide on a series of quest, either in game or personal quest, to accomplish in order to establish a reputation for yourself. Decide who will give you the title of Knight in Skyrim. (i.e. Empire, Stormcloaks, Companions, ect)
Becoming a Mage
Once you have ascended into knighthood, join the College of Winterhold. Study the art of magicka until your knowledge of the arcane arts develops to that of a worthy mage.
Becoming an Arcane Knight
By now you would have received word from the Order of the Arcane Knights (pretend you did). Your challenge is to find all enchantments that you will use for your armor, become a master at enchanting, and enchant all of your gear once you are a master enchanter. The magic that binds to your armor symbolizes the oath you make towards the order. Just like how an armor is disenchanted, if your oath is broken; you are destroyed. The means of your destruction is your mind and your entire personality is changed. (The effects of this will be covered in the future update of Fallen Arcane Knight.)
(The Roleplaying as an Arcane Knight section is still under development. This presents a basic rough draft of the story behind becoming an Arcane Knight.)
Fallen Arcane Knight

2020: Update Continued
There are a number of playstyles one can chose with this build. There is the buffed resistance sword swinger, the shield wielding magic slinger, and the magic/melee hybrid. The arcane knight is the combination of a knight and mage, but some may decide that the magic portion of the build is covered by the enchantments and increased resistance from other perks. Therefore, if you will not being using destruction spells, don't add perk points in that tree. The same goes for the one-handed tree if you will be using magic in your main hand only.

If you decide to go the hybrid route, the perk tree on this build page will cover what the basic perk requirement is. For balance reason, it may be wise to scale back on some of the buffs (i.e. don't put five points in heavy armor if that makes you literally unkillable). Common sense will be needed moving forward in some of the decision making.

The core essence of this build is that you have good armor and good resistances. Instead of being agile and quick, you rely on your defense to take blows from all sorts of foes while you deal damage back in the form of blade or spell. This core essence is why I removed some perks in the smithing tree and the one-handed tree. If you are only going to wear steel plate, don't invest points into dwarven armor. Common sense, right?

If you're going to use a sword, it would be wise to put your perks in increasing its damage output. Even though the build at core value doesn't have points in the power blows, that does not limit you to putting a point or two into those branches if that suits your playstyle.

I was hesitate to remove the perks I had set since 2014 because since then, this build has received 30k views. However, the decision was made because on further understanding of the games and the core essence of this build, those extra points seemed wasteful. After all, a build that feels complete at level 44 is a lot more assessible to play than one that doesn't finish until 58.

I will add on a later date the perks I removed for reference. Hopefully more updates soon!

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