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Arcane Knight 44 #396055

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2020 Update to this build. Check it out. More updates to come.

By Ciratan on Jan 11, 2021
#7837 Reply
What do you think about using Creation Club armors, Spell knight, Vigilant and Armor of the Nine Divines as quests.
Because the Vigilant`s armors are easy to get and close to the College of Winterhold.
I believe both the Spell knight and the Armor of the Nine is closer to Markarth.
If you want you can use Arcane Accessories, which drops novice mage robes of every school into your inventory and starts a quest for a lost library of spells.

By Rothos on Jan 28, 2020
#7742 Reply
I'm all for it. Personally I don't use creation club, but if it helps you get into the grove of your character, go for it. I would also recommend spell mods as well since the arcane knight is also a mage. The only limit I would recommend is to be careful with the math. What I mean by this is that it can be easy to become overpowered when the armor values and resistant values keep stacking. Be mindful of that so that the game remains challenges. Given that reason, mods that affect difficulty would be an excellent consideration.

By Ciratan on Jan 11, 2021
#7838 Reply
I started to look at ur builds and I like them I want to see the fallen arcane knight

By Guest on Jun 6, 2016
#4063 Reply
This build is really fun to play because it doesn't one shot everything and also isn't under powered

By SkullKnight on Jul 23, 2015
#2168 Reply
I'm a roleplaying type person I try to make all my characters roleplaying wise. You are right about steel plate, looks great!

By Lanarieldeadeye on Nov 3, 2014
#159 Reply
I gotta say I extremely enjoy this build, the mix of noble knight and knowledgable mage makes for good roleplaying! An armor I use for this is dawnguard heavy and steel gauntlets.

By Lanarieldeadeye on Oct 31, 2014
#150 Reply
Thank you. I am very glad that you enjoy my build. I am still mixing and matching outfits for this build but overall, I enjoy using steel plate armor because of the general knight look it gives to a character. I feel the combined attributes of a knight and mage allow the arcane knight to be apart of almost all aspects of the game without breaking the immersion of the roleplay.

By Ciratan on Nov 1, 2014
#155 Reply
I have played this build now I want to play the fallen arcane knight plz make it

By Rblackwind on Jun 6, 2016
#4064 Reply
I apologize for the very long delay. I will be working on this build now so I can finally finish it.

By Ciratan on Aug 5, 2016
#4383 Reply