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Aeons ago, when man was ruled by fear and superstition, a power of dark design came into the world. Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Deceit, Schemes, and Domination, came into world of Mundus to enslave and destroy the mortal realm. To achieve this, he took the form of a mortal man- a Nede, and stole from the god Arkay one of his worshipers, a woman. He raped her, and ravaged her village, leaving nothing but ash and smoke. After the event, he left but a drop of blood upon her brow- a blessing, and a curse. When later she was found by nomadic men, other worshipers of Arkay, they sought to cleanse her by burning her corpse...this ritual failed, and the woman rose from the ashes- no longer human...but vampire. She slaughtered the nomads one by one, and turned those who lived through the attack. This woman later became known as Lamae Bal (Beolfag), the First Daughter of Coldharbour.

Centuries later, a warlord in Atmora rose to power- a great warrior, and king to a large swathe of lands. Fearing death, he called upon the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to grant him eternal life, hoping that it would ensure the future of his dynasty. To proffer the deal, he offered up his wife and daughter, and the power of his peoples to the demonic god. Pleased by what he was offered, Molag took the deal, and blessed the king with his blood. Then, he took the women, and performed with them a binding ritual that ensured that they would be the deciding factor of the king's dynasty- all who wished to last forever, must pay homage to them. This warlord, was Lord Harkon- king of the Volkihar vampires, and the First Son of Coldharbour.

Lastly is the story of the third child of Coldharbour- the final original. Born just shortly after the beginning of the First Era, a young Nord farmboy l


- Enhanced Strength: Stronger than any mortal, lower grade vampires of their bloodlines, or sometimes even Lycanthropes. (With the mod, or simply having the Dawnguard DLC, fight with sword or unarmed and deal high amounts of damage to your enemies.)

- Enhanced Speed: Their movement is similar to that of a werewolves, moving as a blur as they run. (Whirlsprint or Vampire Lord- Bat Form)

- Compulsion: The power of looking a mortal in the eye and giving them orders, making them your slave with a simple sentence. (Stage Two Vampire Power- Vampire's Seduction.)

- Enhanced Magicka: Their manipulation of Magicka is tripled as a result of utilizing it to control or dominate their foes. (Constantly upgrade your Magicka when you level up for maximum effect.)

- True Form: The Originals take their true form-a humanoid bat-creature with powers over blood magic. (Vampire Lord Form)

Millennia ago, far before the birth of Ysgramor, or the war between the Five Hundred and the ancient Elves, three individuals were birthed into the world. The first, a young Nedic girl known as Lamae- the youngest daughter of a family of unimportant individuals who were slaughtered by Molag Baal. Raped and brutalized by the Daedric Prince, and then left to die with a drop of his blood on her, Lamae became the first her "siblings". The first Pure-Blood Vampire in history. Next came Harkon, a once mighty king who feared his mortality, and thus struck a deal with the dark prince Molag Baal- a deal where he struck down a thousand innocents in exchange for immortality. Thus, Molag granted him and all those he loved and found to be allies, with Vampirism- making them the second collective of Pure-Blood Vampires in history. And last, but not least, the Dragonborn. Forged in war and battle, the Dragonborn was a mighty warrior in his time- a noble soldier who fought for his people. That changed in the worst moment of his life. Struck down in his own home by bandits, and left to die while his family was carted away and butchered, the ancient sent out a prayer to the forces of the universe- anyone, help. Molag Baal answered. Striking a deal with the mortal, he granted him eternal life in exchange for his services in collecting the souls of those who had cheated him. Thus, the Dragonborn became the third Pure-Blood Vampire in history.
From that point on, the three individuals became the First Vampires. Over time, they came to meet each other, and eventually, form a family. However, they all grew lonely, and distraught by their own greed and power. So, they began to turn others into what they had become- Vampires, weaker, but immortal nonetheless. Over the course of centuries, these newly-turned immortals began to band together and then divide, turning from a single collective, to Houses- sirelines connected to their makers. Each House in turn created Covens, and then, in later years, Clans. The hierarchy became never-ending, with every Vampire being higher than the one he or she turned.
However, during the years when the Vigilants of Stendarr, and the Dawnguard came into being, the Originals- having seen how the two groups waded into battle against their kindred with a verocity unmatched by even the strongest army, and tore down their Houses and Covens with ease -fled into the shadows with their remaining sirelings. They became legends, rumors that were whispered about in the dark corners of taverns and homesteads- creatures that one would superstitiously believe would show up on their doorstep if mentioned...
In recent times though, two Originals have resurfaced- Lord Harkon and the long forgotten sibling- the Dragonborn of legend. The only problem is however, that Lord Harkon, through an ancient, archaic, ritualistic spell cast upon him by a coven of witches, has forgotten his younger brother, and thus believes him to not only be a younger, and thus weaker Vampire, but a liability to his throne. And even as of now, he seeks a way to eliminate the usurper who has delivered to him his most sought after prize- the Elder Scroll of Blood...


Race: Imperial, Breton, Nord, Ningheim, or other. (Race mods listed in "Mods" Section)

The Original is a Vampire, and as such, takes a penalty to any and all powers during daylight hours. You will be using stealth as a means of getting close enough to end the enemy to kill them. Your use of clothing or light armor allows you to move silently, and cause less attention, while leaving you open to receive or purchase apparel befitting a noble Original. Now, you will also be using Restoration magick or Vampire Drain to heal your wounds, and regenerate Stamina and Magicka. Illusion magick will serve as a means to compel or control masses of enemies and allies in combat, as a sort of puppeteer or strategist- power and tactics befitting of an ancient. As for weapons, you have the choice of utilizing one-handed swords, daggers, or bows.


- Treaty- Main Questline / War Questline, don't take sides, choose to gather the war leaders for a treaty on High Hrothgar. How you divide land to the peoples is up to you.

- Companions- Do not accept the Wolf Blood
- Volkihar Vampires
- Thane of the Holds

Also, you will be making use of the hand-built Hearthfire homes, noble mansions, and (if you choose to, the modded home in the "Mods" list.) The full list is as follows-

- Proudspire Manor

- Vlindrel Hall

- Severin Manor

- Lakeview Manor (Hearthfire DLC)

- Heljarchen Hall (Hearthfire DLC)

- Sjel Blad Castle (Mod)

Now you will be adopting kids in the game, preferably those who are orphans on the streets.
To add to this sense of "family", you'll be using a mod to turn your followers, spouses, and other people across Skyrim into Vampires. This will ensure that your populating Skyrim with vampires everywhere, as many of your former sirelings were destroyed by the Dawnguard and Vigilants of Stendarr.
Use whatever light armors you desire, and seeing how this is not a mage-build, I will say that I recommend the noble clothes for your character (and if you so choose, the Colovian Noble Clothes mod I included in the listing.)
Many thanks to SkyrimCalculator, Bethesda, and the Creators of "Vampire Diaries", and "The Originals", which this build is based off of!
Also, thank you to those of you viewing this build, and I hope you enjoy!

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