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Dr Doom 71 #403066

Dr Doom

Race: Breton

M/H/S = 3/1/1

Weapons: use destruction skills and conjuration skills at long range. Use bound weapons at close range. If you run out of magicka, the gloves of pugilist enchantment will increase your unarmed damage, so just punch people. Like you have super strength.

Armour. Heavy of your choice with a dragon priest mask. Enchant it to increase your magic and unarmed strength. You can use the arch-mage robes for the bonus, but this will stop the full effect of some heavy armour perks.

Accesories: any enchanted rings/amulets with helpful effects.

Background: Victor von Doom was growing up in High Rock, when his mother tried to summon a powerful daedra. The spell went horribly wrong, and his mothers soul was trapped in Oblivion. The townspeople were frightened by this display, and forced him and his father out. His father gave Victor all the supplies they had, and died. Victor returned in disguise and took all his mothers old magical equipment. He quickly mastered it, and moved to Cyrodil so he could join the mages guild. There he met Reed Richards, another researcher. Doom created a spell to bring his mother back from Oblivion, but Richards pointed out several flaws. Angered, Doom ignored him and the spell exploded, horribly scarring his face. He was banished from the guild and left Cyrodil to travel Skyrim. He used his powers to escape Helgen and join the College of Winterhold. At Labirithian he looted Morokei's dragon priest mask and deemed it worthy to hide his scars. He convinced the companions to let him use the sky forge to forge his armour.

Playstyle: use your spells to vanquish foes from a distance. Doom is a master manipulator, so convince fools to fight for you, while you remain out of harms reach. You can use speech and illusion magic, but the perks are already quite extensive, so I chose not to. Doom is very proud and intelligent, so make sure you choose all the nasty speech options. He's also one of the smartest marvel characters, so I thought he'd have skills in all three crafting perk trees.

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