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The Son Of Kynareth 66 #406038

_________________________________The Son of Kynareth_______________________________
She is the strongest of the Sky spirits and is the deity of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. Patron of sailors and travelers, Kynareth is invoked for auspicious stars at birth and for good fortune in daily life. She is considered the Mother of Men, as her breath upon the peak of the Throat of the World is said to have formed the races of Men in the Dawn Era, and her daughters are believed to have bestowed upon them the gift of the Thu'um, or Storm Voice, giving Men the ability to stand against the dragons in ancient times. Blessed Warrior-Wife. Shor's widow, sacred to any true hunter. She's the mother of men and beasts, and her veil is the storm.

You were born in a flash of light in the woods, as soon as your feet touched the ground the first thing you did was look, simply look around at the beautiful world you were born in. You looked at your flawless skin and body. Then you saw a bright light, so bright you had to shield your eyes from the beauty of your mother. You knew even without her saying a single word you knew she was your creator and thus you sharpened your senses and listened. "My child, my marvelous creation, you will be the savior of this evil and corrupted place. For that was the reason I made you. You must save this place and show the people of skyrim the beauty of the lands but under my 6 rules. Rule one; You must never harm the forest, it was the first thing made on this planet and it is true beauty of it all. Rule two; Never assault nor murder the innocent, if you have no reason to kill it then don't. Rule three; Help any and all when you can, your mission is to save this world. Rule four; Since you can not eat the vegetation become a carnivore and eat what you kill, you mustn't waste so yes you must even eat the man and mer that you kill, whether or not you do so in public is your choice. Rule five; remember you are here to save this world any way you can, there is a civil war and a threat much greater as well, which side of the civil war you choose is your choice my child, and the greater threat is up to you as well, Rule six; Your weapons are of a true hunter, the bow and dagger, to protect you use light armor so you may move swiftly like the animals of the forest, you mustn't use the other brutish and magical weapons or armors of the warrior and mage. That is all my child, a group of men will be coming riding carriage, surrender yourself to them and they will take you to the beginning of your path. But remember this my child, war, war never changes, but men and mer do, by the roads and paths they take." And thus your story starts you did as she told and surrender yourself to the Imperials and you began your path.

________________________________Armor and Weapons________________________________
lvl 1-15: Leather Armor(full set), Hunting Bow, Iron arrows
lvl 16-30: Elven Armor(full set), Elven Bow, Steel arrows
lvl 31-45: Glass Armor(full set) Glass Bow, steels arrows
lvl 45+: Dragonscale Armor(full set) Dragonbone Bow, Strongest arrows available

___________________________________Special Skills___________________________________
1000 Arrows of Death: The arrows will come at speeds unimaginable to man nor mer. The arrows will cover your enemies like sand on the beach, those poor fools...
How to: Slow Time Shout+ Slow Time Archery Perk+ Elemental Fury Shout+ Well Timed Shots

Dead Eye: A shot to the eye, one of the most difficult shots but always a kill, the arrow enter the eye and goes straight to the brain.
How to: Slow Time Archery Perk+ Some D*** Good Aiming

Mothers Tears: You beg your mother to shed her tears of lighting to strike down your foes.
How to: Storm Call

The call of Nature: You call upon your animal brethren in hopes of defeating your enemies.
How to: Call Animal Bosmer Racial Power+ Battle Fury Shout

_____________________________Looks, Race, and Gender_______________________________

Race: Bosmer (for you elder scroll newbs that means wood elf
Gender: Male (that should be obvious this is the SON of Kynareth for gosh sakes)
Looks: Slightly below medium strength/size build and flawless skin without war paint(hair of your choice)


Follow the six rules your mother gave to you. A.K.A: 1.Don't pick plants 2.Don't just attack good people just cuz they got some nice armor nice and help every city 4. If you want food hunt it down and eat it. your strictly carnivore which means (this would suck for any nord) you cant drink mead nor ale because its based on wheat/yeast or whatever. 5. Do the civil war quest and choose which side you think is right and do the main dragon quest all the way thru afterwards 6. only use the wep/armor that i said you could in the wep/armor section.

Have fun, which is always the most important part of every build, and make sure to clear a couple dungeons from time to time!!!


Thank you so much for reading this, its my 5'th build so if its bad please dont hate, favorite and comment on what i should do next, make sure to check out my other builds to! Thanks!! emoticon emoticon emoticon If you have any suggestions please to me so I can add on it, change it, and make new builds from yours (the viewers) amazing brains! emoticon

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