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Blood Lord 50 #408390

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im making a build like this and just noticed we have the same theme pic XD

By legendmaster101 on Dec 13, 2019
#7733 Reply
I really like this build. Just wish the Vampiric Drain spell was more viable than it is

By Dovah on Jun 7, 2015
#1551 Reply
Thank you!, and yes, it's quite unfortunate about Vampiric Drain, especially in this type of build!

By SoundofMadness on Jun 8, 2015
#1562 Reply
Awesome build, definitely going to try it out.

By robercikjr on May 31, 2015
#1513 Reply
Very impressive.

By CurseNeverDying on May 31, 2015
#1512 Reply
Solid build, perhaps one of the better ones on here.

By TaeRai on May 30, 2015
#1503 Reply
Thank you!

By SoundofMadness on May 31, 2015
#1510 Reply
Updated with a link to an Alternate Perk Spread for those wanting only Necromancy and Atronach Stone/Perk in the skills section

By SoundofMadness on May 28, 2015
#1487 Reply
use the force

By Guest on May 25, 2015
#1431 Reply
Updated the build with the shouts I'm finding useful at the moment, along with some equipment suggestions from what I've seen / used thus far. My play through still isn't over due to time constraints, but I've gotten far enough into it now to give some suggestions based on what I've seen. I'll continue to update it as I progress further into the game.

By SoundofMadness on May 20, 2015
#1383 Reply
This is a great build and I don't think it needs to much more improvement but can use some different stats if you are going to change anything. emoticon emoticon

By Themasterbuild on May 19, 2015
#1381 Reply
Thank you!
Could you expound on what you mean by 'different stats'?

By SoundofMadness on May 20, 2015
#1384 Reply
if you have or get the Dawnguard DLC the royal vampire armor might be a good option though the enchantment that comes with it might have no effect it might work RP wise and a shout called soul tear might be good for it aswell it will resurrect the victim of the shout after taking its soul or if you have the DragonBorn DLC miraks robes might look quite good

By Paladin on May 18, 2015
#1363 Reply
Unfortunately I only have Vanilla Skyrim, however, I like the flavor that the Dawnguard DLC could bring to the character emoticon
Will have to look at Miraks robes to see what they look like. At this point I'm just using the Archmage robes.

By SoundofMadness on May 18, 2015
#1368 Reply
Much alike to the character that I am playing the only difference is that I'm a vampire lord

By Guest on May 18, 2015
#1350 Reply