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The Treasure Hunter 50 #408800


You are Cruvius Petira, you were born in cyrodiil in a small village called Aleswell. Your family being poor, and having to rely on farming you didn't have to do much except to water the plants, after that you had the rest of the day to yourself. You being a young boy decided to venture the woods most the time, but of course with your big and loving older brother. Heck, he saved you from a skeever when you were only 6 years old. And so it went on for years and years, you two venturing and having fun until the day you stumbled upon a crypt... It was an ancient ruin, eerie yet it seemed to call you in. Your brother warned you not to go inside, but you just had to see, and so him being the protective brother he was, followed you into the crypt. You two ventured and marveled at it's ancient beauty truly marveling at its hand carved walls, floors, and roof. You ventured deep and eventually reaching the final chamber, twas a large area with six coffins surrounding a diamond on a pedestal. It was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your entire life. That diamond could not only feed your family for years but move you into the imperial city! Your brother warned you saying to just leave, but no, you had to have that diamond, you walked up are grabbed it..... All six coffins BURST open at the moment you it came off the pedestal, six bodies came out of those coffins, rotting yet still moving coming for you! Your brother ran up and tackled a draugr as it was about to swing at you! He yelled for you to get out and as you wallowed in fear you did as you were told and ran, never turning your back towards the chamber, not even to the screams of your brothers agony.... You ran to the entrance and sealed it shut, hoping it would never open again. You then knew that with your brother dead you could never return home, so you ran and ran all the way to skyrim, hoping to use the diamond to buy a mercenary..... Twas then that you remembered that you dropped the diamond when you ran from the crypt. So it was all for nothing in the end.... So you decided to continue on to skyrim and one day make enough money to not only to give to your family back in Aleswell but also have enough money to hire all the mercenaries in the land to cleanse this world of every single draugr there is to avenge your BROTHER!!!

Armor & Weapons

LVL 1-15: Fine Robes, Fine Boots, Steel Sword (blue robes)
LVL 16-30: Fine Robes, Fine Boots, Elven Sword (red robes)
LVL 31+: Emperor's Robes, Emperor's Boots, Dawnbreaker

Roleplaying Rules

1. You must have a companion at all times, trust me it will help since your not wearing armor
2. Use healing/destruction in one hand and your sword in another
3. The point is clearing as many dungeons as possible and getting a bunch of gold
4. Join the empire
5. Only use the clothes depicted in the armor section (Your choice of weapons is optional)
6. Use a low difficulty setting, because clearing dungeons at low LVLs is a deathtrap and/or suicide!
7. Be an imperial male
(This rule is optional but if you want a challenge, go ahead and try)
8. If you die you have to restart... Thats right its a 1 life chance.

Tips & Tricks

*Try using Voice of the Emperor to calm enemies when you about to die
*Get a companion quikly! Without him/her you are done for
*Like a said do a low difficulty to make things easier
*Clear out caves as practice for actual dungeons
*Also try and possibly get a dog as an companion
*Remember to sell everything you find inside the dungeons to make some septims


Thank you SO much for reading my build and please comment and tell me what I should change. If your new check out my questions build were you can ask questions about this site and also give me suggestions on what I should do next. Thank you and I love you all! emoticon

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