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The Amazonian Warrior 73 #409368

History of The Amazonians
On the 18th of the Second Seed Nocturnal, Boethiah, and Vaermina came together and decided, its ladies turn to become legendary... Thus they joined together to make a race of strength, stealth, and Speed, that race was an almost perfect combination of all the races of man and mer alike, and thus were created the amazonians!
Character Backstory
After centuries of the amazonians stealing men in the middle of the night, mating, and then killing them more and more amazonians came to the time when you were born.. You were born in the month of the scout and thus you were trained to be a silent yet skilled hunter of animals, man, and anything else which stood in your way! After you turned 20 it was time for your test, to kill 1000 men. It was a test every scout took to prove your worth to the tribe and to also prove to the men that women are just as strong (if not greater) than men! Thus you made your way to where the most hardy of men could be found, twas then that your story of skyrim started. You found a way in and waited, your heard horses galloping towards your direction and you saw men in big heavy armor. From there perspective they came across what seemed to be a weak forsworn girl. How wrong they were.... Out of the 57 soldiers who confronted you, only 32 survived, twas then they found out about the Amazonians..........
Ways of The Amazonians
When the first amazonian was made she realized that she would have to produce offspring, thus to do so she kidnapped men in the middle of the night, mated, then slit there throats and wait for her babies. When they came it was 4 children, the scout child, the protector child, the blade child, and the shaman child. (the first three became the standard birth type for most amazonians like yourself) She raised them and it went on like that for many cycles, thus becoming a foundation for the first rule for the amazonians. Many rules came after that which most were punishable by death....
Armor & Weapons
The weapons of a tribal race like this vary between skill and experience so I can not tell specific weapons/armor per lvl but the way of the scout dictates you use: Spears, Lances, Swords, Axes, Bow & Arrows, and Daggers. Your armor is of the forsworn for it is the most like that of your tribes armor.
RolePlaying Rules
1.If you have to have a companion WOMEN ONLY
2.If you want to solve the civil war side with the empire, they are more "women acceptable"
3.Accept all quest given by women
4.Never surrender to a man! (not even town guards)
5.Amazonians are great horse rider so use them and try to perfect horseback combat
6.Remember you anger quickly so go ahead and kill nazeem and "that talos dude" if they annoy you
7. Just because you hate men doesn't mean your lesbian! Amazonians actually counted any sign of attraction as a weakness. So dont go installing pervy mods and start making them have "Punch and Cookies"

Thanks for reading this build LADIES and gentlemen! emoticon it really means alot to me and PLEASE comment, rate, and give me suggestions for my next build, they all will help me make amazing builds for YOU (the viewers) amazing games! Now get out there and play you sexy beast! emoticon

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