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The Imperial Champion 51 #410064

The Imperial Champion was originally created for a contest on The Skyrim Blog under the name The Blades Descendant. I have toyed with the build off and on ever since and finally decided to flesh out a story for him and run a play through.

As a champion of his people he favors all things Imperial. Imperial armor and weapons will serve him well until he finds remnants of The Blades. He has come to Skyrim to put an end to the rebellion of The Nords. However, he sees the Thalmore as the true threat and will thwart them at every opportunity. He uses only skills that his people are known for (i.e. the skills that an Imperial begins with). He is a swordsman first and foremost, he will nearly always have a sword in hand. He is versatile, switching between spell and shield as the situation warrants. He is a battlemage that favors lightning. It just seems to fit his choice of armor. Armed with his sword and shield, encased in a cloak of electricity, he leaves in his wake piles of ash. That is a justifiable end to those that would threaten his beloved Empire.

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