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The General's Daughter 60 #411066

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I should also mention that I was with the Empire up until the Jagged Crown quest, I took the crown to Ulfric after much consideration.

By RuffianJack on Apr 16, 2016
#3877 Reply
While on her mission to complete her father's mission Juno was swayed to the stormcloaks (I should also mention that I played Juno as the daughter of Tullius and a Nord woman and keeping with TES lore the child is the race of the mother) Juno saw the Stormcloaks as the best option for Skyrim, after the civil war they could fight the dominion alongside Hammerfell. As for her father, she had lost much trust in him after the only thing saving her from a beheading overseen by her father (The executioner is literally half a second away from ending you when Alduin pops in) was a Damned dragon. She had thought her father would have at least separated her from the group to "speak with the Thalmor representitives in Helgen" at which point he would have set her free. This became another reason she had been swayed to the stormcloaks. At the end of the Civil War when Ulfric asked me if I wanted to execute Tullius I figured that Juno needed to be the one to put her father to rest rather than Ulfric

By RuffianJack on Apr 16, 2016
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I played this build a bit differently... for starters I played Juno as someone who knew the emperor was weak and a coward but, being raised by Tullius, wouldn't breathe a word of it. Someone who knew that the Aldmeri Dominion could be resisted ie Hammerfell and that the Empire's surrender was a show of weakness. The way I saw it, Juno wanted to believe that a united empire was better but knew that the rebellion in Skyrim wasn't about a strong empire losing a key province but a dying empire losing a key province. Being an agent in the Penitus Oculatus, Juno had seen much of the empire and the one recurring theme she noticed was the negative effects of the Empire's surrender. Juno liked to believe her father thought as she did but she could never bring up the subject with him and she felt as though she couldn't act on her feelings because her father was in a very respectable position and if news got out that his daughter was a traitor it would ruin him.

By RuffianJack on Apr 16, 2016
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Pretty sick build

By ginger1-status on Aug 5, 2015
#2304 Reply
Love the build doing a male version how u get penitus oculatos armour without joining DB

By TheSkyrimGod on Aug 4, 2015
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Fury on one of the agents in dragon bridge. Mark should then kill them and you can loot the armour. Difficult with this character as you can't use illusion. Do it early or find a mayhem scroll.

By D0CT0R on Aug 4, 2015
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Thanks helped a lot emoticon

By TheSkyrimGod on Aug 5, 2015
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I've killed Alduin twice, once with a Khajiit mage that I played on novice, and once on a Nord 1-H warrior that I played on apprentice. I play on Expert difficulty now though and I haven't tried it since...

By Thanatos-Wings on Jun 26, 2015
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So did you use Alchemy but not put any perks into it? I noticed that in the Description tab you mentioned using poisons multiple times, however, you didn't put any perks into Alchemy. Still a great complete build.

By Thanatos-Wings on Jun 24, 2015
#1745 Reply
I originally meant to use potions but this is her second incarnation perk tree and I abandoned perking it. I think I have her pegged down now now so watch this space. Final build soon!

By D0CT0R on Jun 24, 2015
#1751 Reply
I absolutely love the originality in this bro, great job! emoticon

By Scrappy-Metal on May 28, 2015
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Thanks, I tend to bail out of a build at level 20-30 because I have another character idea. I wanted something that would keep me playing!

By D0CT0R on May 28, 2015
#1483 Reply
While I often do the same I have found this to be a build that I continued past 50 and is the build which I have stuck with longest at level 57!

By RuffianJack on Apr 16, 2016
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Story of my life..

By Ziao on May 28, 2015
#1484 Reply
Yeah quite. But it seems a bit wrong that in three years, I've only killed Alduin once and that was with a character I shared with my wife!

By D0CT0R on May 28, 2015
#1486 Reply
Hah. I have yet to kill him. Always get sidetracked. Played for hundreds of hours, never once finished the main quest line. *hides*

By Ziao on Jun 24, 2015
#1729 Reply
I've played over 400 hours and yet cannot bring myself to play a character past level 35... emoticon

By Thanatos-Wings on Jun 26, 2015
#1794 Reply
48 Is my record but he is a notable exception. 20 - 30 ish. Maybe. Lately I have been bailing at 15 if it's not going to get good.

By D0CT0R on Jun 26, 2015
#1799 Reply
I'm replying to a comment from almost 4years ago that i can completely relate. I've played thousands of hours already and not once ive defeated alduin. Hahaha

By Elomar on Apr 26, 2019
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