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Astral Archer 76 #411249
A glass cannon build revolving around the bound bow spell, stealth, synergetic shouts, and self-sustaining magicka and stamina, all powered by enchantments, alchemy, and vampiric blood.

General Details

Race: Orc
Base-Leveled Attributes: 100 Magicka, 100 Health, 850 Stamina
Standing Stone: The Lady
Playstyle: SSS (Sneak, Shout, Shoot)
Weapon: Bound Bow
Main Shouts and Powers: Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint, Nightingale Strife, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Berserker Rage
Additional Characteristic: Vampire


"I have ascended in obtaining true power. Divine power. Power from within."

This build is all about self-sustaining functionality. What do I mean by that? In combat, you will not need to use anything that requires resources. For example, your weapon of choice is the bound bow, unburdened by a limited amount of arrows.
Bound arrows

A more minor example would be having to only carry one lockpick on you, thanks to the unbreakable perk. During combat, you will not need potions, poisons, or weapon enchantments. I don't even recommend using these, as I encourage you to play on Legendary difficulty for the more challenging aspect of the game and of this build. You will have a steady, if not, more than enough supply of stamina and even magicka. This being powered by perks, the lady stone, stamina-converting shouts/powers, enchantments, as well as being undead, will turn you into a walking battery. Remember that while you have all of a vampire's strengths, you also have all of it's weaknesses. You can try to feed daily as this build only benefits from stage one of vampirism but if you don't feel like it, don't sweat it. While this build has its very strong pros, if you play recklessly, and don't stick to the shadows, you will find yourself dead sooner than you can draw your bow as you only have a base health of 100. As you know already, your main way of offense is through bow. By utilizing the Slow Time shout, lay waste to armies as you fire off multiple arrows before the first one reaches it's target.

Been detected and need an escape plan? With the Shadow Warrior perk, hit Whirlwind Sprint, then crouch, and flash step away. Need an extra boost in power for that crucial sneak kill? Say hello to Berserker Rage. Caught in the daylight and need to refill your stamina? Well remember when I said you could use shouts and powers to fuel your stamina? With the Respite perk you can convert health into stamina through healing spells, and since Nightingale Strife, Soul Tear, and Drain Vitality all count as "spells", bingo. Even Marked for Death will drain the enemy's health, resulting in more stamina over time for you. Enjoy non-stop action with the minimal use of the favorites menu.

Archery: Obvious
Deadly Bash in Block: For that ultimate archer gameplay when up close.
Wind Walker in Light Armor: Stamina
Unbreakable in Lockpicking: Because you should only carry one lockpick.
Sneak: Obvious
Deadly Aim in Sneak: That extra bow damage.
Alchemy and Enchanting: In combination for the best enchanted apparel.
Respite in Restoration: Mentioned above.
Necromage in Restoration: This is how your active effects will be amplified since the game labels you undead as a vampire.
Quiet Casting in Illusion: The single most important perk in this build. Without this, you will not be able to cast Bound Bow or any shout without breaking stealth.
Conjuration: Master the way of the bound bow.
Stability in Alteration: This perk will extend the duration of the Slow Time shout, as well as the paralysis effect that the Bull's-eye perk gives you in Archery.

Recommended Apparel

No real need for specific armor with any emphasis on armor rating since this is a glass cannon build, so you can customize your apparel to what looks cool to you. Just an emphasis on enchants and make sure it's light armor since you want your effects to kick in from the light armor skill tree. This is how it should look.

Head: Fortify archery. Fortify conjuration.
Neck: Fortify archery. Fortify stamina regeneration.
Chest: Fortify conjuration. Fortify stamina regeneration.
Hands: Fortify archery. Fortify sneak.
Finger: Fortify archery. Fortify stamina regeneration.
Feet: Fortify stamina (capacity). Fortify stamina regeneration.

This set puts archery at the forefront, hits the 100% cap needed for adept conjuration spells (bound bow) to cost no magicka, and stacks as much stamina regeneration as possible, with some added stamina capacity and fortified sneak. Keep in mind that you only need two enchants of fortify conjuration with 25% each, giving you a total of 50% in gear. This is because it is added to the 50% you get from the Adept Conjuration perk. If this set proves to not be sneaky enough, I've provided another set that replaces the priority of the stamina concept, with fortify sneak. Most players might want to use this setup instead, since the focus on stamina of the previous apparel might seem excessive.

Head: Fortify archery. Fortify conjuration.
Neck: Fortify archery. Fortify sneak.
Chest: Fortify stamina regeneration. Fortify conjuration.
Hands: Fortify archery. Fortify sneak.
Finger: Fortify archery. Fortify sneak.
Feet: Fortify stamina regeneration. Fortify sneak.

Also, picking an Amulet of Talos for a neck enchant, will allow you to use your shouts more often. Nice, but optional. Here's to help make use of your enchanting and alchemy perks, as well as an excellent source for Skyrim knowledge.

Ending Note

This was my first build. Hope you enjoy.

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