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The Ice Queen 50 #413504

I just want to make something clear before I start the backstory for this build, I am not sponsored by the Walt Disney co. and/or associated with them or the film Frozen. This is just for fun and I do not want to be sued. Thank you emoticon.

You are a female Nord by the name of Elsa, and ever since you could remember you've had the ability to control ice, and for a time while you were a child you used your gift to bond with your little sister. But when you accidentally shot her in the head with an ice spike you felt it was necessary to lock yourself in your room and never come out for 17 years. Within that time your parents had taken a vacation (and left you and your sister at home) and gone sailing, and they were lost at sea. By the time of your 21st birthday you were old enough to inherent the thrown so you were named Queen of Arendelle.

On your coronation day your irrational sister had gotten engaged to a man she had barely met that same day and when she asked you for your blessing you told her no, so she threw a fit and pulled off your glove and you nearly shot her with another ice spike. The entire kingdom now knew about your powers and called you a witch so you ran, you ran out of the city and into the mountains, then you ran right past the mountains and chartered a boat to Tamriel. Then you sat, and sat until the boat docked in Cyrodiil where you got off and continued to run, and you ran until you made it to the Imperial city, then you ran past the Imperial city and into Skyrim where you were captured at the border and taken to Helgen for execution.

After escaping Helgen with the help of Ralof, and you felt you owed him for saving your life so you would eventually join him in his fight to free Skyrim. After talking to Gerdur you took off to Whiterun and did a few jobs for the Jarl where you eventually learned you were dragonborn. So you took off to High Hrothgar to learn from the Greaybeards. After doing some jobs for the Greybeards and the Blades you made it to the throat of the world where you let out all of your emotions with an unnecessary musical number: "The Storm reigns down on the Throat of the world, not a dragon to be seen. A kingdom in civil war, and it seems I'm Dovakiin." But then a dragon shows up contradicting your previous statement within the song. And you know the story from there.

Along the way you learn of a college in Winterhold, and you join hoping to control your powers, and the mages there are extremely helpful teaching you how to use your powers and even teaching you a few new tricks.

Major skills: Destruction is your main source of attack, you use your ice powers to shoot icy spears and storm clouds of frost to defeat your enemies, Conjuration is used to summon allies such as Olaf and Marshmallow (Frost atronachs), Alteration is your main form of defense as you are wearing a dress and not armor, Restoration helps you stay alive and heal allies.

Minor skills: Enchanting is very useful for giving your clothes magical properties to help you in battle.

Guilds: Mages college (join), Bards college (join).

Shouts: Ice form, Frost breath.

Health magicka and stamina: 4:2 in magika:health. Stamina is not important.

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