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The Ice Queen 50 #413504

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emoticon this was a good laugh emoticon

By Elomar on Mar 31, 2019
#7563 Reply
The Movie Sucked

By DragonBorn187 on Jul 7, 2015
#1912 Reply
I agree, I just did this because my sister wanted me to. Lol

By JakeTheInventor on Jul 7, 2015
#1913 Reply
Wow. This is why siblings suck...

By DragonBorn187 on Jul 9, 2015
#1937 Reply
Wow, out of the 5 builds I've uploaded the one that gets featured is Elsa from Frozen...just wow. Lol.

By JakeTheInventor on Jul 5, 2015
#1879 Reply
Make sure to always wear the regular gloves for roleplay...

By Kireelip on Jul 3, 2015
#1858 Reply
Oh yeah, the gloves are super important, would be a shame if someone forgot to wear the gloves.

By JakeTheInventor on Jul 4, 2015
#1860 Reply
Or just wear the gloves in the day to day routine (shopping, crafting, etc.), and when you have to fight be all "Oh now the gloves are coming off!" just to be cheeky...just an idea...

By Kireelip on Jul 4, 2015
#1862 Reply
Ha! That was all I was going to type but it wouldn't let me post cause it wasn't long enough. emoticon

By JakeTheInventor on Jul 4, 2015
#1869 Reply
The Ice Queen is finally finished. Hope you guys enjoy! emoticon

By JakeTheInventor on Jul 2, 2015
#1857 Reply
Working on an all new build: The Ice Queen. I'm still working on the backstory bare with me. Its a pure mage build and one that I've been wanting to do for a long time and when I get it finished I hope you all enjoy it.

By JakeTheInventor on Jun 30, 2015
#1842 Reply