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Death Knight 30 #414010

General Info

- Orc

- Ebony Blade
- Ebony Mail
- Ebony Boots
- Ebony Helmet
- Ebony Gauntlets
- Namira's Ring
- Bone Hawk Amulet

- Shadowmere

- Marked for Death
- Soul Tear

- Nightingale Strife

Stat Distribution
0% ? 75% ? 25%


Your spell absorption from the Atronach Stone grants sufficient protection against elemental damage while your armour will protect you from most physical damage. With your Ebony Mail Cloak you know immediately when you are in a battle and will never be surprised by a pouncing Sabre Cat or a far away mage. In combat you mostly rely on your Ebony Blade for fast health absorption or on Nightingale Blade and Ebony Shield for more protection. Make use of all shouts with a dark twist.
Use your enchanting skills to fortify your armour with damage boosters. If you are travelling long distances, it is a joy to mow enemies down with the Ebony Blade on Shadowmere's back.

You are a bad person and searched in many holds. If someone opens their mouth and does not say what you want, get rid of them. Yes, you may finally kill Nazeem in public. Stealing and sneak attacking adds to your bad attitude. Nocturnal is your friend and you happily accept coin from the dark brotherhood for killing people. Because nobody really likes you, you travel the world without followers.


Not much is known about this warrior because wherever he appeared, people rather run than to wait to ask him anything.

Light and Darkness

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