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Spellblade: Eluf Kelby 48 #414011


"An ethereal man on an ethereal horse, what is it more that scares the norse? Ethereal bow, ethereal sword, justice shall be restored!"




Magicka - Health - Stamina
40% - 50% - 10%


Aetherial Crown
Vaermina Robes (Fortify Alteration and Magicka Regen, Fortify Conjuration and Magicka Regen)
Mythic Dawn Gloves (Fortify Archery, Fortify One-Handed)
Mythic Dawn Boots (Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Carry Weight)
Amulet of Talos
Some Ring (Fortify Alteration, Fortify Conjuration)
Drainspell Bow*
*Only as backup!


Bound Sword
Bound Bow
Greater Ward
Close Wounds
Ebony Flesh
Summon Arvak
Summon Arniel's Shade


Become Ethereal


Agent of Mara
Ethereal Spirit
The Atronach Stone
The Apprentice Stone
Blessing of Talos

Upon enemy contact you use Become Ethereal to prepare for the battle. You continue to cast defensive spells and conjure your weapons. Once ready, begin slaughtering your enemies. Whenever your health is low, use the shout again and heal up. If you need to recast weapons or armour and you have run out of Magicka, you can always use Equilibrium to refill your Magicka enough to cast them.
Note: This tactic unfortunately does not work if you have the unofficial patches installed. Every spell you cast while ethereal will end that effect.

Against multiple or very difficult enemies against which you normally would be overwhelmed, use Become Ethereal, wait until your shout bar becomes ready (or almost ready) again, then start swinging against your opponent(s). Deliver just a few blows, then use the shout again.
Inefficient against mages who heal themselves

When facing a boss which is alone, you may try to sneak up behind him and try to assassinate him. Due to not wearing any armour, you are silent even without specializing in sneak. Just make sure he doesn't spot you. If you like more of this gameplay, invest in the perk Backstab and get Cicero's Gloves or the Shrouded Hand Wraps.

You are alone. You wander around aimlessly. Your body is scattered with scars and open wounds. You barely remember what happened in the last few weeks. Those damned orc shamans! What were they thinking? Create a magical super weapon out of a human... only orcs can be that dumb. Yet... If they hadn't shown you some of their magic tricks, you would never have escaped.
During the endless torturing experiments you found unknown magical strengths within your body. You were able to use your pain to cast magic you didn't know it existed before. Your skin turned hard and you suddenly held a magical weapon in your hand. You still have some orc blood on your hands...
As you are getting closer to the northern mountains and the air gets colder, your mind calms and you regain your focus. You decide that you pursue uncovering your hidden gifts. Neither steel, fire, frost nor shock will damage your enemies from now on. They will learn to fear that an empty-handed man can be lethal, yes, more lethal than any warrior in shining armour or high mage. You heard of the college of Winterhold so you continue your journey north towards Skyrim.

On the border you step right into an Imperial ambush and get caught. Very well, maybe it is your last journey. But with a big surprise a dragon attack saves you from your execution. You travel on and find the wizard Farengar in Whiterun which sells you some interesting spells. You head further to the northernmost of Skyrim. Finally arrived at the college, you quickly rank up and become a powerful mage.

Sometimes you look back to the time you still were a humble merchant. But the new power you have drives you to greater actions. You set on a journey to solve the problem about the dragons and who knows... maybe you unravel even more secrets on your journeys...

Credits for Cover Image: Nelaf

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