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The Lone Wolf 72 #418640

Race I prefer wood elf,nord and imperials
Sex:female but you can be male
Hair take something long and wild

You will have no companions because lonely wolf but you will have a dog. You take orders from no one you do what you want. If it comes an option to take someone with you say no. You will eat sleep and drink

Role play
You was abandoned when you where five. You learnt how to hunt the first day. You are one with the forest. You don't like strangers. You Don't understand how to interact with other people. You will be a bit wild in things. You can sneak on a deer with no problem your past is unknown. You will always stand up for your friends no main quest. You will join the civil war on stormclaok side or imperial The choice is yours.

Ignore speech perks see if I can get rid of them.

Armor: saviors hide role play like you made it yourself forsworn boots and gauntlets no helmet
Weapons: a forsworn bow or a elven two fine daggers for close combat any sort.

Main skills archery alchemy and sneak

Minor skills light armor onehanded. Smithing and enchanting

Armour mod recommend something made of fur like scaled fur mod
Realistic bows
Hunterborn PC
RJ for better prices on furs
Frostfall for immersion
Ineed so you have use for the meats you get from hunting

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