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The Dawnguard Elite 99 #420575

"You there. The Dawnguard is looking for anyone willing to fight against the growing vampire menace. What do you say?"

When you heard these words you soon knew it was the first time in your life you could make a difference. You could save Skyrim. You could finally avenge your wife and daughter...


+10 One-Handed (25)
+5 Alteration (20)
+5 Archery (20)
+5 Block (20)
+5 Destruction (20)
+5 Smithing (20)
All these skills (minus destruction) are used within the build, especially one handed so getting a starting boost of +10 is helpful.
Adrenaline Rush: Stamina regenerates 10x faster for 60 seconds.
Resist Poison: Your Redguard blood gives you 50% resistance to poison.
The resist poison is nice but not really needed whereas the Adrenaline Rush ability is amazing for taking a lot of enemies out quickly, power attacking or just covering the vast land of Skyrim.

Unlike Oblivion gender choice doesn't matter in Skyrim. Both genders have the same perks, armor, skill etc. Although due to the high number of males to females throughout Skyrim? the Agent of Dibella ability is extremely beneficial to female characters as it allows you to Deal 10% more combat damage to the opposite sex.

Lord Stone:
50 points of damage resistance, 25% magic resistance.
This is very beneficial as vampires use both melee and magic so having protection from both will help dramatically.
Stat Spread

Magicka - 1
Health - 2
Stamina - 1


Dawnguard Heavy Armor
Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets
Dawnguard Heavy Boots
Dawnguard Full Helmet
Dawnguard Shield/Dawnguard Rune Shield
Ring of Hircine/Bloodlust/Instinct/Moon
Amulet of Stendarr

Wearing the complete set not only give you the Well Fitted, Cushioned, Tower of Strength, Conditioning, Matching Set and Deflect Blows perks in the Heavy Armor skill tree but also wearing the full set grants a 25% resistance against Vampire attacks, including the Vampiric Drain attack.

Dawnguard War Axe/Dawnguard Rune Axe
Crossbow/Enhanced Crossbow

The Dawnguard War Axe does 10 points of additional damage to vampires. The Dawnguard Rune Axe does 10+n sun damage to undead where n is the number of undead killed with the axe since the last sunrise. The Crossbow has a 50% stagger chance (75% if the Power Shot perk is unlocked) and the Enhanced Crossbow is identical but ignores 50% of armor.

On your armor use enchantments such as:
Fortify Archery
Fortify Alteration
Fortify Magicka Regen
Fortify Block
Fortify Healing Rate
Fortify Health
Fortify Heavy Armor
Fortify Magicka
Fortify One Handed
Fortify Restoration
Fortify Sneak
Resist Magic

On your weapons use enchantments such as:
Absorb Health
Absorb Magicka
Chaos Damage
Fiery Soul Trap
Fire Damage
Magicka Damage
Turn Undead
Note: Despite the Ax's having already existing enchantments that cannot be removed you can add more enchantments. Applying the Fiery Soul Trap to the axe gives it 3 enchantments and if you have the Extra Enchantment perk you can add yet another enchantment to the weapon giving it 4 enchantments.This is also true for the Enhanced Crossbow.


The Dawnguard Elite uses both restoration and alteration to aid him in battle. Restoration is used for healing spells but more importantly for Sun Damage spells. Alteration is used more tactically instead of flesh spells.
The spells that will be used are:
Fast Healing
Sun Fire
Close Wounds
Stendarr's Aura
Vampire's Bane
Grand Healing
Guardian Circle

Detect Life
Detect Dead

Battle Fury
Aura Whisper
Elemental Fury
Fire Breath

Major Skills:
For long distance weapons and go-to method for dispatching of enemies further away. Mostly used for boosting damage of your crossbows and make them more efficient.

One Handed
Your way of killing enemies up close if they get to you. Used for making your war ax's deadlier and more effective on the battlefield.

Heavy Armor
Your protection and way of staying alive. Mainly for boosting armor rating as well as making you more nimble when wearing heavy armor.

Best defense in combat and accompanies your axe. Keeps you alive and eventually is a massive combat ender as you can run around knocking your enemies to the floor and finish them when they're downed.

Used to cut the cost on your spells but also to make them more efficent and give you powerful bonuses such as Avoid Death.

Minor Spells:
Only used to give you a strategic advantage before going into fights. Mainly for cutting costs on your spells.

Although a lot of points go into sneak, it isn't a vital part of the build. Really only used to give you a larger sneak bonus when using your crossbow and sneaking behind enemies without being seen to then using offensive attacks to dispatch of them.

Used to enchant your gear with more powerful enchantments.

Used for upgrading your armor and weapons.


Being a werewolf is a vital part of this build. Everyone knows that vampires' biggest enemy are werewolfs... so be one. Unlock every perk available but it is wise to only invest in one of the werewolf totem perks, I suggest the Totem of Brotherhood totem as not only is it the only useful totem but also allows you to roleplay how you're an elite so you can summon your soldiers into battle with you, and when those soldiers are werewolves you know your badass.

Use any follower from the Dawnguard faction:
Class - Bandit
Primary Skills - One Handed, Two Handed, Block, Light Armor
Max Level - 25

Class - Bandit
Primary Skills - One Handed, Two Handed, Block, Light Armor
Max Level - 25

Class - Warrior (1H)
Primary Skills - Heavy Armor, One handed, Archery, Block
Max Level - None

Class - Ranger
Primary Skills - Archery, Light Armor, Block, One Handed
Max Level - None

Class - Warrior (2H)
Primary Skills - Heavy Armor, Two Handed, Archery, Block
Max Level - None

These are all of the Dawnguard followers but if you wish you can use whoever you want, just equip them the Dawnguard Armor set. When I played through this build despite being the ultimate vampire slayer I used Serana as my follower but I cured her first of her vampirism, she is equally as powerful with or without vampirism.
If you are unfamiliar with how to cure Serana's vampirism here is a link to a website that can help you:Curing Seranas vampirism


Dawnguard - Dawnguard Side
Main Questline
All daedric quests
Thane of every Hold

All quests that involve the killing of vampires or other evil, for example Laid to Rest


The Elite had a normal childhood. He was raised by both a healer and a warrior. His mother was a priestess in the temple of Kynareth in their hometown in Hammerfell. She would heal the injured Alik'r soldiers that came from the battlefield. His father was the general of an elite group of fighters known as the Ash'abah who were the protecters of Hammerfell when the undead army invaded. He was taught both the skill of healing and the skill of fighting and grew up to be one of the greatest warriors in Hammerfell.
As years passed he perfected his talents and did little jobs around the cities for the citizens. One day he met a woman, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He approached her and began conversation. She soon realised he was the son of the Ash'abah leader and instantly knew who he truly was. She fell in love with him over the years and he fell in love also.
When they both reached their twentys they together had a child named Dahsey. The three of them lived a very peaceful life for many years until the day of the attack...
The family were out for a walk when it happened. Bats swarmed over their heads in large numbers like a wave of darkness. They screeched above them, peircing their ears. The bats fell to the ground and reformed into men of pale complections, pointed teeth and sharp claws. They surrounded the three Redguards who were all defensless and knew they would be killed. The wife was snatched by one of the vampires and thrown to the floor. Screaming for her to be released, the famed warrior charged at the vampire. The creature responded by unleashing a wave of bats from his hand, sending the husband flying backwards. The leader of the vampires stepped forward and picked up the wife by her throat. His powerful grip snapped her neck in two in a matter of seconds. Her lifeless body fell to the floor. The man returned to his feet, broken armed, and once more charged for the vampire. He grabbed the beasts skull and crushed it with his bare hands. He turned his head to see his daughtee being bitten by one of the vampires. He shot a ball of light into its head burning it from the inside. The vampires quickly took the shapes of bats again and flew away. The man tried to use his healing skill to heal his daughters bite but it was too late. Her eyes turned a misty red and her teeth fanged like daggers. She gained conciousness and began scratching at her father like a wild animal. A tear fell from his eye at the realisation his family had been murdered by these monsters. He looked Dahsey in her rouged eyes and snapped her neck to end her life and not allow the full effects of vampirism to reach her.
For many years this event haunted his nightmares and one night he decided enough was enough. He ran far from his home to the lands of Skyrim where he heard the vampires were located. As expected his journey was not at all peaceful. He ended up in the middle of an Imperial ambush on the Stormcloaks and was msitaken for one of the rebels. An arrow tipped with paralysis poison stuck into his chest. He fell to the floor and slept until awoken by a voice:
"You there, finally awake?"

Let me know what you think and if there are any improvements to be made. Rate and favourite, thanks emoticon

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