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The Dawnguard Elite 99 #420575

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I'm definitely going to do this build. Looks like a lot of fun. Btw is Celann an awesome follower in general. He is a Breton meaning he gets 25% magic resistance which is great for fighting vampires. And he is a great tank. He even killed my summoned dremora lord on level 46 in about 6 hits. 5 Stars emoticon

By Kride on Oct 31, 2018
#7416 Reply
I agree level 99 is a quite insane level amount you can't actually get there unless you spend hours power leveling... which is not fun for anyone.

By Guest on Oct 21, 2015
#2865 Reply
I think youre taking the perks a bit too seriously... the whole point of the perks is for guidance and where to put your perk points, noone said you had to get to level 99 thats just what all of the perks that you can use add up to... Fair point that noones going to want to level up that high because I dont get my characters that high but there only there for guidance...

By 4fingers1Thuum on Oct 21, 2015
#2869 Reply
I was more thinking of how you would get there... and believe me I like the build a lot just at first when you see level 99 you are like whoa That's a lot of perks. But no I think the build is fine

By Guest on Nov 7, 2015
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This is the best page I have seen so far on skyrimcalculator!
Now I really want dawnguard...

By TianaMacapolo on Oct 20, 2015
#2856 Reply
Thank youuuu! It took a while to write out emoticon

By 4fingers1Thuum on Oct 20, 2015
#2862 Reply
I give 4 stars, would be 5 but if I decide to play this I don't feel like going all the way to level 99 to finish it.
Its hard enough to get to level 50.

By JakeTheInventor on Oct 19, 2015
#2852 Reply
Very fair point and thanks emoticon

By 4fingers1Thuum on Oct 20, 2015
#2863 Reply