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Oblivion Warrior 45 #421035

This build is all about using the atronach forge and being a conjuration based warrior. You've got your bound sword for melee, bound bow for ranged combat, your bound follower (summons), and with the atronach forge, you've even got "bound armor" in the form of daedric armor summoned from Oblivion. And let's not forget "bound horse" with the summon arvak spell introduced in the Dawnguard dlc. The Dragonborn dlc also introduces a dremora merchant or dremora butler summon from the Untold Legends black book.

I started as a Breton because they immediately have conjure familiar to work with. The mage stone was used until both conjuration and enchanting were 100.

Enchanting is optional, but gives the build more power by making conjuration spells cost less and using fortify one handed and fortify archery enchantments to make your bound weapons do more damage. With those offensive enchantments and with getting daedric armor through the atronach forge, you are a warrior who can ignore smithing completely. Also, because bound weapons can get soul trap with a single perk, going into enchanting is simple and easy.

Only bother getting 150 to 200 magicka and stamina. Everything else can go into health. Bound weapons and summons don't need to be recast often, so you don't need a deep magicka pool, and bound weapons weigh nothing so their power attacks cost little stamina.

If you want to make your Oblivion Warrior the dragonborn, the shout Become Ethereal is used. It allows your summons to take the enemies' attention. It's great for getting into a flanking position, and also is a shout you can meditate on with Paarthunax. The other shout to consider is Soul Tear, especially if you use enchanting.

Use the atronach forge early and often. Thanks to the forge, the only spells you ever have to buy are bound sword, bound bow, and conjure dremora lord. Here are the key recipes:

Conjure flame atronach spell tome
-ruined book
-fire salts
-dragon's tonuge
-bear pelt

You need not make this spell tome, however, if Faralda has flame atronach as your test to enter the college (and thus gain access to the forge).

Conjure frost atronach spell tome
-ruined book
-frost salts
-frost miriam
-ice wolf pelt

Conjure storm atronach spell tome
-ruined book
-void salts
-mammoth tusk

While you have access to dremora lords when storm atronach is feasibly castable, storm atronachs are still very useful to have around for when you need followers with a ranged attack.

Staff of storm atronach
-void salts
-orichalcum ingot
-filled greater or grand soul gem

I didn't use this recipe because I wanted to level conjuration as quickly as possible, which staves don't do. However, as something you can make at the atronach forge immediately, this is a huge way to make your character powerful early on.

Fire/Frost/Void salts
-salt pile
-any soul gem

This recipe is an easy way to get the salts needed for the other recipes. Especially void salts. While the rarest of the elemental salts, the gemstone needed is one of the more common ones. This is key to getting the staff of storm atronach early, and helps with getting the spell tome quickly. Void salts are also in high demand for another recipe later on.

The Sigil Stone is the true reward of the conjuration ritual spell quest for this character. There are no bound dremora lords, and even if there were, it's much more useful being able to throw them forward in a fight and resummon them when needed at advantageous locations. The spells from that quest aren't what we are after. The sigil stone, meanwhile, allows for the crafting of enchanted and unenchanted daedric armor very early on in the game. Just leveling conjuration naturally, I had a full set of enchanted daedric armor at level 24. These are the recipes you can make with a sigil stone placed at the atronach forge:

Randomly enchanted daedric armor
-daedra heart
-ebony ingot
-void salts
-filled greater soul gem

This is what you want to start with, before you have 100 enchanting with all the perks. It's also why enchanting is entirely optional. Reloading is required, but it seems to be skewed towards what your character is good at. In no time at all, I had a daedric helm of archery, gauntlets of one handed, armor of conjuration, and boots of stamina.

Daedric armor
-daedra heart
-unenchanted ebony armor
-centurion dynamo core
-black soul gem

This is the recipe you use once you want to enchant your own equipment with two effects. Note that the daedric boots are glitched, don't make them or try to pick them up! They'll be invisible in your inventory but still be there adding carry weight. Stick with pre-enchanted ones from the other recipe, or use ebony boots.

Daedra Heart
-human heart
-black soul gem

Honestly, sometimes daedra hearts can be easier to find than human hearts. But still, this is another useful recipe to use once you have the sigil stone to help with making daedric armor.

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