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Nordic Rune Master 30 #421037

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I recently started a build that matches yours in description 100% and I have to say OMG is it fun and powerful! I have never really used runes before due to their high cost, but for a melee character, they are an amazing thing you can throw into the fight, even if not using the dawnguard hammer. And as you stated, the flame cloak (or any cloak spell for that matter) synergizes so well with this build as well. One thing you might add on top is the ebony mail. This is a free poison damage cloak spell whenever in combat on a pretty armour.
Now I need to go and make me a rune mage. Or any mage and make use of runes to level up because OMG it levels quickly.

By Zlorfik on Nov 17, 2020
#7821 Reply
Wow nice build man, Really liking the gameplay

By FurryWolf on Mar 24, 2016
#3711 Reply
Thank you! I'm glad you like the playstyle of the build. I've had a lot of fun with it.

By calciumstrength on Mar 24, 2016
#3713 Reply
Amazing? Do you care if I make a video on YouTube with your build? Pf course that the credits are yours emoticon

By Guest on Mar 22, 2016
#3695 Reply
I don't mind at all! In fact that'd be quite flattering, I'm glad you dig the build.

By calciumstrength on Mar 22, 2016
#3696 Reply
Really cool concept! I like how its super lore friendly and just the idea of a flame cloaked, rune slinging, heavy armor clad, fiery hammer wielding nord is simply baddass!

By RAZORsEDGE312 on Dec 5, 2015
#3128 Reply
I'm glad you like it! Thank you. Yes, it was fun tapping into how Nords weren't always disdainful of magic. And it's very badass, I agree : P

By calciumstrength on Dec 20, 2015
#3177 Reply
this is brilliant! this is exactly the type of innovation and unique playstyle I like in a build.

By Guest on Nov 27, 2015
#3097 Reply
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the build.

By calciumstrength on Nov 28, 2015
#3099 Reply