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The Daedra Priest 45 #426188

When The Daedra Priest was young her parents were in desperation. They needed vast amounts of money so that they could keep living adequately but both the parents thought that their worship of Clavicus Vile was more important. As they grew more desperate they thought that they would pray to the Daedric Prince and beg for enough money to keep them all alive. The next morning there was a purse of 3000 septims on the kitchen table, the parents were thankful for the gift and had prayed thanks to Clavicus Vile. However the parents noticed that their daughter had been acting strangely but thought nothing of it. Later on that night The Daedra Priest awoke from her bed and grabbed a kitchen knife. She slowly walked into her parents room and cut their throats. This is the price you pay when asking Clavicus Vile for charity. The Daedra Priest's mind still belonged to Clavicus Vile and he decided to have a little fun. He made his new puppet go on a walk all across Tamriel, starting with Skyrim. Little did he know The Daedra Priest still had some amount of control because of an ancient power that has laid dormant in her since she was born...

The gear for The Daedra Priest is:
Daedric Dagger, enchanted with fire damage
Daedric gauntlets enchanted with fortify one handed and fortify destruction
Daedric Boots with fortify magicka and magicka regen
Masque of Clavicus Vile
Vaermina Robes enchanted with fortify magicka regen and alteration

All fire spells up to Incinerate
All flesh spells up to Ebonyflesh
All healing spells up to Grand Healing

Become Etheral
Fire Breath
Unrelenting Force

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