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The Crusader 46 #426781

Race: Human race. Nord, Imperial, Breton or Redguard.
Note. (Can also use mer races. Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer or Orsimer, but no Beast reaces).

This build is directed for an Imperial, but changing the backstory could be done to fit any of the other race.

Sex: Any
Note. (Backstory is for a male).


Magica/Health/Stamina 4/5/1
40% Magica is to cast your spells without running out of magica.
50% Health is to stay alive and be able to take some hits.
10% Stamina is to run, use power attacks and carry holy loot.


Born into a high Imperial class family. The Crusader lived a happy life. His father was a General guard and made very much money of it. He would go on many important missions to protect high class families such as himself. The Crusaders father didn?t mind that his youngest son was left without a father for long periods of time. His mother would watch The Crusader anyway.
it was these decisions that made The Crusaders mother learn The Crusader her skill, Restoration. She was in secret a healer and took in people when The Crusaders father was out working. She did this because The Crusaders father didn?t like magic and if he found out, he would divorce her.
Under the teaching of his mother, The Crusader exceled at it. He could cast healing spells almost with no training and in the later years, He would help his mother whit her clients when His father was out working.
One day, when The Crusader help his mother. His dad came home early. The father was shocked to find out what went on under his roof. He kicked The Crusaders mother out on the street and took to Crusader out in the backyard to show him what men was built to.
During the next two years. The Crusader and his father trained with shields and swords. In The Crusaders mind boiled it up a hate towards his father for what he had done to his mother. One day it boiled over and while the two of them was training, The crusader stabbed his father in the side with the sword. Laying on the ground bleeding, his father called for help from his own son. The Crusader slowly walked towards his father kneeling down and said ?To bad Mother isn?t here?. Then The Crusader walked away, leaving his father to die.
Seeking shelter in a temple for the next year. The Crusader learned to deal with what he had done. He valued to himself and the gods that he would make right where he had done wrong. Leaving the temple and the Imperial city for good. The Crusader headed toward Skyrim in news of the Civil war. He figured out that he would make many good deeds there, and maybe make up for killing his own father.
Crossing the border, The Crusader got caught up with the skirmish. Carded to Helgen with some Stormclocks to be executed. This is where Your story beigins.

The Crusader uses an ebony mace to crack the unholys skull open and a shield of your choosing. Just make sure the shield matches the rest of the set. Or if you don't want to pick a shield, you can go for the Dawnguard rune shield.
Note.(If no mace is wanted, use Dawnbreaker. A Sword with Holy effects).

The Crusader will protect his body with some Steel plate armour minus the head and chest.
For the chest he will use adapt robes with restoration reduction and magica regen, and for the head he will use the Dawnguard full helmet. If not, you can go for a steel plate helmet.


If you didn't pick up any skills before now, here they are:

One Handed:
One handed is to wield your mace (/Dawnbreaker) with power and glory. Crack skulls open, and fight in the name of the 9 divinds (or 8, depending on how you look at it).

Block is to stay protected behind your shield and take less damege.

Restoration is seen by the crusader as the one true way to use magic. As mighty restoration is, it has the ability to kill undead and heal the people.

Altoration is to cast fleshspells when entering battle to get an edge in combat. This also give the build a holy feel.

Enchanting is what gives The Crusader the extra egde in comebat. Enchant your gear with one handed damege and something useful.


This build is aiming to be a crusader like in real life. Even tho the crusaders in real life didn't have magic, restoration and altoration is used to match the vibe of fighting for God.

This affects the play-style by roleplaying. You will have to roleplay that the divinds will aid you in battle with magical effects, and so you excel at restoration and altoration.

In terms of how you will fight,, it's rather strait forward. You will first cast fleshspells before entering combat. You will then fight with your shield and mace and use healing spells in your right hand when health is low. you do this to keep yourself protected with your shield while healing. After that, it's hacking and smashing skulls again.


The Dawnguard DLC is needed.
The Companions can be done too.
The College of Winterhold can be done to prousude the knowlege of Magic.


Break of Dawn. (For Dawnbreaker).
Every Temple quest.
Quests thats helps people.


No companions, unless you really want to. The crusader likes company, but can't bare see anybody he is close to get hurt. I guess if you really want to have a companion you could use those with good intencions.
like Erandur.

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