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Grey Guard 50 #430074

The Grey Guard's role in the world is that of a peacekeeper and justice seeker, but at any cost. He does things for the greater good, no matter what it is, and as long as it meets his goals. The Grey Guard prefers peaceful negotiations over violence, but violence and subterfuge is not outside his capabilities when necessary. What must be done will be done for the betterment of all. As such, the Grey Guard is free to join any faction, as long as the end result is not evil or harmful to the people of Skyrim. For example: joining the Imperials for the civil war to unify the empire, and not blotting out the sun if joining the Volkihar Clan.

-Altmer, Nord, Redguard

-Skyforge Steel Sword, Windshear, Dawnbreaker, Nightingale Blade, Chillrend

-Nightingale armor (high armor stat, reduces illusion spell costs)
-Royal Vampire armor, Morokei, Ancient Shrouded Gloves, any boots with "Fortify One-Handed" on it
(decent armor, lots of spell casting and backstabbing)
-Any necklace and ring with "Fortify Alteration" and/or "Fortify Destruction" on it
-If the Volkihar Vampires are joined, Ring of the Erudite

Recommended spells:
-Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Whirlwind Cloak, Pacify, Muffle, Invisibility, Fast Healing, Equilibrium, Telekinesis
optional: Clairvoyance, Candlelight, Ironflesh, Detect Life, Transmute, Waterbreathing
-Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time, Disarm

Recommended stats:
2:2:1 ratio for Magicka : Health : Stamina

You are a neutral user of the Unrelenting Force. Play mind tricks with illusion spells, fling lightning at foes and go for the kill with your sword! Use the "force" (Unrelenting Force, Telekinesis, Whirlwind Cloak, Vampiric Grip if you are a vampire lord) to move objects and enemies around. Use Equilibrium for magicka recovery in a pinch, while simultaneously levelling up Restoration and Alteration with the Healing spell. Because of the nature of the roleplaying, calming illusion spells with Clairvoyance, Muffle and Invisibility should only be used. Other than for pacifying hostiles, calming spells can also be used on NPCs for particularly difficult speech checks or for better price negotiations with merchants. Remember: Telekinesis can be used offensively by hurling objects at your enemies, and is especially effective with the more "Fortify Alteration" items your character is wearing. Lightning spells are self explanatory: direct damage, not many foes can resist it, and useful for frying them mages!

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