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Dwemer Warrior 55 #431164

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Your build is very interesting, I love the research and details that you have put into your backstory. Some of my favorite builds are Lore Friendly and this certainly fits that description. I have a somewhat similar build with a different backstory, it is called The Dwemer Guardian, You should check it out. emoticon emoticon

By Rahaazdun on Jun 8, 2019
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You said the dark elf has 50 percent resistance to poison and disease, i thaught they had 50 percent resistance to fire. I may be wrong though because i haven't played skyrim in a while + no disrespect intended.

By Olympian on Jul 12, 2016
#4200 Reply
No, you'd be correct. I think he meant Wood Elf (Bosmer).

By wuyixiang on Jul 13, 2016
#4204 Reply
By the way, the build says "Bosmer" and not "Dunmer".

By wuyixiang on Jul 13, 2016
#4205 Reply
P.S great build, when skyrim remasterd comes out ill be playing this!!! emoticon

By Olympian on Jul 12, 2016
#4201 Reply
like it! mabye you could add the artifact Keening?

By Drakorv on Jun 17, 2016
#4105 Reply
You got it!

By ViridisTheBlade on Jun 18, 2016
#4107 Reply
Hey, cool idea! You could mention Dawnbreaker as it is of dwarven look and if you have the Dragonborn DLC, also the Visage of Mzund.
One thing I'd also say is the passive ability you can gain. It is called Ancient knowledge and increases armour rating by 25% for dwarven armour as well as a smithing boost. You can get it by completing Unfathomable depths which is started in the fishery of Riften.

By Zlorfik on Jun 3, 2016
#4046 Reply
Thanks! I had no idea that either of those existed! I'll be sure to add them!

By ViridisTheBlade on Jun 4, 2016
#4054 Reply
The build is a little bit off in my opinion. From my understanding, Dwemer were also very good with magic. This is of course a Dwemer Warrior/smith so I won't suggest most magic, but I do believe he should be capable of Enchanting his armor. Furthermore, since you are going to use only the Dwarven Armor for RP reasons, I see no value in the smithing perks aside from Steel, Dwarven, and, if you want, Arcane, since they crafted many magical objects. Also, instead of 2 points of each into the Axe/Mace/Sword specializations for One Handed, settle on one of them, and use the other 4 points to max out your 2h base damage.You will probably spend a lot of your stamina on blocking, so remove those points spent on the upgraded power attacks, as well as the 2h weapon specs to increase Enchanting, with the intent on having the most powerful Armor Enchants possible (their main weapons were the machines they had so I am fairly positive their armor was better than their swords)

By Guest on Jun 1, 2016
#4027 Reply
UESP says nothing about the use of magic, but technology over magicka is heavily implied.

By wuyixiang on Jun 1, 2016
#4028 Reply
(same guy btw, made an account) They were better with technology but that does not mean they didn't understand magic or that they were not good with it. They were the ones that made the Aetherium Forge, used specifically for forging magical items, had devices to read the Elder Scrolls without making themselves blind which ARE magical items, had not only a Black Book, but also Ohgma Infinium and an Elder Scroll as their reading material- all of which are magical items. They knew a LOT about magic. Maybe not using it themselves, but definitely forging with it.

By SolaireTheOP on Jun 1, 2016
#4031 Reply
It's unlikely the Dwemer would enchant their weapons and armor since they had little need for actual combat; their Automatons did the grunt work for them in most cased.

By wuyixiang on Jun 2, 2016
#4038 Reply
I see it in the exact opposite way. Their automatrons are fueled by Soul Gems- meaning that they are enchanted. If they are that good at enchanting metal, I find it MORE likely that their own armor and weapons to be enchanted. Again I can bring up the Aetherium Forge, in which they forged magical items- one of which you can obtain is a shield, and I can only assume the blueprints to build it were created by the dwemer. They absolutely were capable of it, and therefore any respectable smith would be expected to at least KNOW how to do, even if they were not doing it too often.

By SolaireTheOP on Jun 3, 2016
#4043 Reply
Edit: I ended up not putting the points into enchanting, as the build is not a magic build at all, I liked your idea, it was great and fitting, but for multiple reasons I decided against it. The other edit has been made however.

By ViridisTheBlade on Jun 4, 2016
#4059 Reply
(Ctd) I would also like to bring up your comment on magic, "They knew a LOT about magic. Maybe not using it themselves, but definitely forging with it." specifically they knew a lot about it, maybe not USING IT, but definitely FORGING with it. This has lead me to want to put more points into enchanting, as if to imply that they COULD use it, but weren't very skillful with it. Thanks again, and I'm sorry for the text wall.

By ViridisTheBlade on Jun 4, 2016
#4056 Reply
Thanks for the suggestions, the sources that I used were not necessarily all that accurate, but they for the feel that I was going for. Thats for the mgic btw. As for the smithing perks, I believe that you need perks higher than Dwarven to get Legendary rating on your Dwemer armor, but I could be wrong, I never really fact checked that, but I also see them as legendary smiths, what with the Aetherium Forge so its really just a bit more of a "Hey I like to know that you're there". For the Axe/Mace/Sword comment, I wasn't really sure which I should commit to, so I went with an all around vibe, but I do like your idea much better, I think I'll be changing it to a sword centric build. For the enchanting side of things, I think I'm going to stray away from your suggestion. You brought up some great and compelling points, but all of the sources I could find leaned toward technology, rather than magic. However, I do see the logic in it and I may very well put a few points into enchant. (Ctd)

By ViridisTheBlade on Jun 4, 2016
#4055 Reply
As far as I know, the only things you need for Legendary Dwarven Armor is the dwarven perk, and 100 Smithing. After that it should automatically upgrade into Legendary. Same goes for all armor types, I believe.
As for the enchanting thing, its completely understandable, seeing as you could argue that an "average" dwemer smith might not be good at enchanting armors, and still produce armor and weapons that the other races would deem legendary. I'm just under the belief that any good/ great smith of theirs would be capable, and if so, why not be "the best" smith they had, ya know?

By SolaireTheOP on Jun 4, 2016
#4061 Reply
It always throws me off when people go H/M/S rather than M/H/S. >_<

By wuyixiang on May 25, 2016
#3986 Reply
Good build also could you get a follower and give them all dwarven? emoticon

By SkyrimIsAwsome on Apr 28, 2016
#3924 Reply
Yeah, this is merely a guidline. Anything else is entirely up to you. Even the stuff covered is entirely up to you.

By ViridisTheBlade on Apr 28, 2016
#3925 Reply
Hey viridistheblade you got featured

By dragonslayen247 on Apr 25, 2016
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