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The Imperial Soldier 31 #433737

Time to get this build started.


Archery: The Soldier is an excellent archer that can take targets out quickly from afar.

Block: The Soldier is great at blocking enemy attacks with a shield.

One Handed: The Soldier can easily defeat the enemy with a blade.

Light Armor: The Soldier can use the light imperial armor very efficiently while keeping light on their feet.

Sneak: The Soldier can use their stealth to scout out areas without being noticed that much.


Helmet: Imperial light armor.

Armor: Imperial light armor.

Gauntlets: Imperial light bracers.

Boots: Imperial light boots.

Weapons: Imperial sword/Imperial bow.

Shield: Imperial light shield.

Play Style: With this build The Soldier joins the Imperial legion as soon as they can and when attacking any Stormcloak fort The Soldier either attacks in the front lines with a sword and shield, in the back of the other soldiers shooting down Stormcloaks, or finally The Soldier could stay in the shadows on a hill near the fort or The Soldier could infiltrate the fort and shoot at Stormcloaks from the top of a tower.

This is the end of the build thanks for reading. Please comment and rate.

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