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The Chaotic Soul 45 #436598

This "build" focuses heavily on perks and play style without providing role-play or equipment guides. Those are up to the player's discretion.

This build is a stealth build without Sneak perks. The goal of the build is to leave a trail of corpses without leaving any sign of your own personal involvement. This means no poisons, extraneous wounds, or burn marks. The player initiates combat by using one of multiple Frenzy spells, forcing the targets to fight among one another. Once one or more of your targets dies, reanimate the corpses so that the survivors are forced to kill their friends once again or die in the process. At this point, Rally and Heal Undead can be used to aid your undead allies, and Paralyze is used to hinder your opponents. It is advisable to dispose of your undead minions after they have done their job (the ashes will hide any evidence of your influence).

Characters who follow this build can be of any race, but Altmer, Breton, and Dunmer are recommended. Vampirism helps, but it isn't necessary. The stats should heavily favor magicka, as should the equipment. The Apprentice Stone is recommended, but other Stones like Shadow, Ritual, and Lady work as well. Naturally, the Mage Stone is the most beneficial Standing Stone for leveling.

Illusion magic is the bread and butter of this build. Spells like Muffle and Invisibility are extremely important since this build does not have any stealth skills. Additionally, the Frenzy spells are your primary source of damage (although indirect). Once Master of the Mind is acquired, Rally spells can be added into your arsenal.

Conjuration magic is the natural follow-up to the use of Illusion magic. Raise Dead (and similar spells) are used to prolong combat and clean up any survivors. Bound Weapons may be used only in self-defense.

Restoration magic is used to heal either yourself or your undead allies. Naturally, perks like Recovery and Avoid Death are useful no matter what you decide to focus on.

Alteration magic is used to explore: Detect Life and Detect Dead are valuable tools to have in your arsenal. At higher levels, Paralyze and Ash Rune are amazing for disrupting your enemies.

Destruction magic provides no major bonus except for the inclusion of Rune Master, which boosts the range of Frenzy Rune and Ash Rune. This school is entirely useless if you do not have the Dragonborn DLC.

Vampirism is entirely optional, but it provides a substantial boost to the power of Illusion spells in addition to decreasing your foes' ability to detect you while you are Sneaking.

Change Log:
27 November 2016
- Removed 5 unnecessary perks (Master Restoration and all Speech)
10 November 2016
- Huge grammatical overhaul. Not sure how I missed those earlier.
09 September 2016
- Minor Edits
07 August 2016
- Added "Speech"
- Expanded "Alteration"
- Removed "Sneak"
06 August 2016
- Added "Sneak"
- Reduced the perks in "Conjuration"
04 August 2016
- Edited "Conjuration" section in description
- Renamed build
03 August 2016
- Reallocated perks from "Enchanting" to "Restoration", "Illusion", and "Conjuration" (Credit to calciumstrength for the suggestion.
31 July 2016
- Build published
- Removed "Enchanting" section from description

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