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The Pyromancer 49 #437500

Backstory and Roleplay: Born and raised in Morrowind after Red Mountain erupted his family traversed through the ash and then he was born, on fire, they didn't think he'd live but he didn't even come out with a scratch his family abandoned him, he was a demon in their eyes. Around 3 hours later he was picked up by a tribe and quickly became the favorite of the leader when he was able to cast spells. But he was on a vengeance quest against his family he heard they were in Kavatch in Cyrodil, after that in Skyrim. He decided to leave his clan in search and was caught on the border, for some reason they thought he was a Stormcloak, despite his race. He was about to be executed when for the first time he saw a Dragon, he wanted to hold it's power in his form, but couldn't he searched once he'd escaped for anything that could be associated with Dragons and he hears from the River wood trader about the claw and heads to Bleak falls barrow he finds the Dragonstone. He heads to Whiterun for more info on the Dragons he gives the stone to Farengar and hears about the collage he decides to go there after he learns he's Dragon born to search for info. He then becomes the Arch mage and has mastered every Flame spell, but it's not enough he finally arrives and talks to the graybeards then after awhile he meets those who worship Mirrak and seeks Mirrak out after he defeats Alduin, to become a Dragon Lord...

Gear: Mirraks Boots (DLC), Mirraks Gauntlets (DLC), arch mage robes, Azhidals Mask (DLC), an amulet with Pyromancy enchantments or more Magika, and a ring with the same.


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