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The Highborn 80 #437504

The Highborn is a favorite of mine simply because it offers a style of playing that keeps your character out of harms way as well as making the game still enjoyable.

This build is all about letting other do your work for you, by using the magic schools of Illusion and conjuration, added in with sneak and speech, I found this build to be very enjoyable.

choose a race that you believe would come from a noble or wealthy family I,E. High elf, Imperial, Breton, Dark elf. ( my profile is a Breton.)
The Highborn was raised in a life of luxury, being born into a family of wealth and splendor gave you plenty of time to play and enjoy the comforts of life.
However as you grew up and the great war came pressure was put on you to join the fight, not caring for the war nor even having skill in combat yourself (save for your rudimentary skills with a dagger). you soon sought like minded friends and eventually protested the war openly. when your father died you and your cousins were to split his inheritance. however your cousins deceived you and spread rumors about how you were partially responsible for the death of your beloved father, even going so far as to presume to others that you did the deed yourself...... poison. this leads to you becoming shunned by your extended family, they even went so far as to hide your very existence from guests and any one of importance.
having little to no affection or care left from your family you either -(players choice)- Burn down the family estate in a show of spite - or quietly pack some belongings and slip away in the night.
after leaving your home you choose to head north where you heard of the civil war that was causing problems in skyrim, thinking the conflict would lead to a chance for you at making a name for yourself and starting a new life- one where you are in charge and not the subject of notoriety.
however, luck is not on your side - you are robbed in the night while you slept, awaking to nothing but an empty satchel and your "worst" set of clothing. dressed like a beggar and lost in woods, its no surprise that the imperials seized you on border to skyrim, and carted you off to helgen.

after helgen it would be best to make your way to winter hold and do the mages quests first, then work your way to either the thieves guild to enhance your riches or to the dawn-guard and become a vampire lord ( the vampire lord is a good addition, having the ruthless and "bloody" squabbles of lord Harkons court) once you have mastered a decent level of magic however the rest of the game is yours to indulge in.

At level 5 your ideal stats should be 150M/100H/100S
At level 10 the ideal stats should be 200M/100H/100S
at level 20 the ideal stats should be 250M/1400H/110S
at level 30 your ideal stats should be 340M/160H/110S
(basically, avoid stamina and focus on magika and only occasionally put points into health.)

The highborn utilizes three schools of magic, sneak and speech as its primary focus.


the school of illusion will help you stop combat if it doesn't favor you, and instigate conflict if you so desire it. the illusion tree is a must if you ever want to succeed properly with this build.

THIS is the main focus of the Highborn. Both atronachs or undead (players choice) are able to be cast through this tree as well as the ability to use a conjured dagger or bound sword simply for a last ditch defense or a sneaky political assassination, this is a vital part of the high born build. (ever try fighting mammoths with familiars or weak zombies? its not fun)

Being born into a high society means that a certain level of speech craft will naturally make its way to the Highborn character, this will allow you to bribe, intimidate, and barter better with shop keepers, and is something that I find goes over looked my most other builds.

this is a must have it you want to sit back and avoid combat altogether- or if you want to launch your atronachs or summon the undead without being noticed. it also helps if you manage to get yourself into harms way too - being able to sneak off and approach later is very useful.

I think we all know why restoration is here.... ....however something that you may not have considered, is the situations involving dragons. they can be pesky and to help nullify their breath attacks of fire and frost, it is an extremely good idea to use wards.

optional, yes.
however at times when you are required to be more discreet or are tired of early game marathons away from combat, it may be prudent to invest in a bound sword or dagger. this will help boost you conjuration as well as allowing you to fight back.... somewhat.

Enchanting/light armor;
while not necessary for the build, enchanting can potentially allow you to create a set of clothing that is both fashionable (by Skyrims standards) as well as being beneficial to you in combative situations.
Light armor is also a option to be paired with enchanting or by it's self. having leather boots or gauntlets may help off set the lack of actual armor and relatively low health my will undoubtedly have.

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