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The Highborn 80 #437504

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level looks high to me, must have DLC contents for challenge but its playable, I recommend 950 health 350 mana 120 stamina for that build, as I said without dlc content, that stats makes you giant in skyrim, only few enemies challenge with you such as some dragons, draugrs or ebony warrior

By clawshaper on Jun 22, 2018
#7159 Reply
Was looking through your build for inspiration on how to structure mine, and it gave me a good idea on how to do it.
I did notice one thing though. In the Stats Section, You've written "at level 20 the ideal stats should be 250M/1400H". you meant 140H, right?

By KamoGaming on Jun 21, 2018
#7157 Reply
oops, I probably did, made a mistake. thnx for pointing it out

By thoLORDofLIGHT on Jun 21, 2018
#7158 Reply
You think that Bosmer, Argonians, Khajiit Nords, and Redguards can't be nobles? emoticon

By J4nuz on May 16, 2018
#7116 Reply
Personally, I skip Alteration for the most part since if you're good at Sneaking, you won't even need it defensively. The only reason I have it in my "Chaotic Soul" build is for the Expert skill Paralyze. Detect Life/Dead, Candle/Magelight, and Waterbreathing are nice bonuses, though.

By wuyixiang on Aug 23, 2016
#4567 Reply
I should make a note that Candlelight makes your sneaking that much less effective thanks to a stupidly bright light hovering around you.

By wuyixiang on Aug 23, 2016
#4568 Reply
I agree, alteration has less of a use if you are very good at sneaking- however with low health on my build the ebonyflesh spell comes in handy if I am already spotted. the ash shell spell is also good too

By thoLORDofLIGHT on Aug 25, 2016
#4601 Reply