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Traveler 40 #442670

Do you want a big Hack n’ Smash, and Jack of all trades build? This Build is for you. Aiming to be sort of all over the place and a build for both new and old Skyrim players, this build will use a skillset that can fit both a Warrior, Mage or Thief. Two-handed, Restoration, Speech and Lockpick is the major skills and will be maxed out with needed perks. At the same time this build opens up for every single player to make it their own.

Race: Imperial.

The race is chosen for its Imperial luck ability. You could go for another humanoid race. Like Redguard, but the race ability of the Imperial is best suited for this build. Adrenaline Rush is kinda crap anyway.

Gender: Male.

Picking a male is best suited for this build if you want to have a deep Roleplaying experience. A Female could fit this build, but then again, a male makes more sense.

Magica/Health/Stamina 2/6/2

20 % Magica is to keep us alive useing restoration spells. Much magica isn't needed, but 20 % opens up for som magic use.
60 % Health is very much needed to stay alive, as the play-style of this build is ment to be in the face of the Enemies.
20 % Stamina is to use power attacks. More stamina isn't really needed since restoration can restore stamina with the respite perk. If you want more stamina, you could do 50 % Health and 30 % Stamina. I'll leave that up to you.
Standing Stones:

You will Chose the Thief stone when you start the game. This will increase the leveling of your thief skills 20% faster, mainly Lockpick and Speech. The reason why you want the Thief stone and not any other standing stones early game, is because the Speech skill is a pain to level up without it.

Late game you will use The Atronach stone for 50 points extra magica, 50 % spell absorption and a 50 % magica regeneration decrease. 50 points of extra magica is well and good, it makes it easier to cast spells. The main thing we are after is the 50 % spell absorption. This makes you absorb half of all incoming spells, making you a tank against mages. The decrease in magica regeneration is nothing to worry about, thanks to the perks we will be getting in the Restoration skill tree.

“If you’re ever in doubt or can’t make a decision, all you need to do is to flip a coin. You won’t be leaving your life to chance. Because in the brief moment that the coin is in the air, you’ll realize which side you hope the coin will land on.” These was the first philosophical words The Traveler could remember he heard when he was young. Spoken by his father as he took his last breath. The traveler since that day took these words to heart as he grew older and into adulthood. The words would always remind him of his father, even though his father never was much caring for him or his mother.

Growing up in the Imperial City and raised by a single parent wasn’t always easy, especially as a lower citizen. The Traveler would always see people come and go around him, even his own family. Family is a strong word when you consider that most of the slum was beggars and thieves, most wasn’t even related by blood. Growing up in this environment shaped The Travelers mindset, to which resorted to thievery. However, The Traveler wasn’t very good at keeping a low profile and being silence. He could pick a lock and maybe grab a thing or two from the pockets to unknown citizens for sure. But then again, he couldn’t keep quiet as he did so.

On one faithful night when The Traveler tried to pick a lock to a wealthy Imperial man, it all went wrong. He picked the lock with ease, but when he opened the door a guard spotted him and quickly ended the burglary. The Traveler was thrown in Jail for a couple of days, and avoided major charges thanks to the wealthy man that wouldn’t press them against him. Spending some days behind bars, The Traveler could reflect on his life and what the words of his father meant. Realizing that the coin was him and the sides was the choices in life, The Traveler set out to redeem himself from the life he once lived.

Seeking to end his past life, The Traveler went to the eight divine. Among the eight, Zenithar appealed most to him. Working and acquiring wealth trough honest labor was what The Traveler needed to see and hear from the priests of the eight divine, so The Traveler decide to commit to Zenithar’s teachings. Hearing of the civil war in Skyrim, The Traveler heads there to find honest work. He hopes to start up some form of shop or even just being a traveling merchant, selling Items across the land of Skyrim. Of course, being caught on the border by the Imperials, thought to be stealing horses with the man from Rorikstead. This is where the story begins for you, the player.

In terms of roleplay, you will evaluate your in-game choices up against your fathers own words. This will make the build extremely open to every guild and factions you can join.

The Build will start by heading off to Whiterun (Following the main story), and along the way you will encounter the Companions. You will join them since they values honor, but you may start to regret this as you discover that the companions are werewolfs. Remember, you have seen a lot of miserly and hate trough your upbringing, and again on the border on Skyrim. You may also grow careless for other, and therefore only care for yourself. This can and will lead you to join the Thieves guild. Falling into old patterns is something humans do quit a lot. You will not use stealth; your strength will do the talking. This way of thinking in other words is: “I Take what I want, because I can”. Think about Maul and Dirge, be kinda like a bouncer.

Caring only about money is one thing, but the build hasn’t lost the morality of what is Evil and good. Therefore, you will join the Dawnguard and help them fight the vampires. You aren’t evil, just floating around in the gray area of what’s right and wrong. I have stated that this build is an open build, and that you can do what you want with it. That’s why if you want to be evil, you can. Just remember to add sneak in if you’re doing the dark brotherhood or Volkihar Vampires.

You will join the collage of Winterhold in an attempt of learning more about magic and restoration. Be in the moral gray area, as you maybe would try out necromancy or summon spells. (if you want a more arcane build.)

If you ever feel that you are leaning more to the illegal side of things, do some redeeming quest helping others. Same goes for if you are leaning more to the legal side, be naughty.

Major Skills:

This is your main output of damage. Hack n’ Smash if you want. Remember to utilize Sideways and standing power attacks for extra damage. Look up what perks you should get in this tree.

You utilize your powerful magic when your health or stamina gets low in long battles. Remember to get the respite perk for restoring stamina too. This skill ties in to your moral, as you’re not immoral.

Finding loot and taking what you need. Lockpicking is the skill that helps The Traveler active his goals. He picked it up at a young age, and the skill sits in the fingertips of him.

Speech is the final skill of The Traveler, and he will learn to master charm in the order to gets his way in the lands of Skyrim. Dealing with the Thieves guild in Skyrim, the ability to bribe guards can come in handy. It’s much easier to put gold in someone’s pockets, then sneaking around them.

Minor Skills:
Optional skills you can pick is any other skills then the main skills. I would recommend picking two skills, and focus on those to after you have maxed out the main skills.

I would suggest picking one of the three crafting skills: Smithing, Enchanting, or Alchemy.
You should also pick one skill in the warrior, Thieves, or Mage three, depending on what type you want to focus on.

The Equipment part will be split up between early and late game. This is for helping you have a guide line of what to pick between, thanks to the many Armour, Weapons, Spells, and Shouts in Skyrim.

Armour and Weapons:
Early game:
- Any Heavy armour set you can find. In the end of the early levels, you shall have gotten a full set of Wolf Armour. This awesome heavy armour set will guide you through the Companions questline and install you with honor and at the same time, misery. Thanks to the werewolf blood that may or may not float through your blood.
- Pick up a Silver sword during the Companions questline, or find one. Just go and get one. A plus to not just looking extremely cool, the silver sword deal much more damage to undead. Good for when you slice the Vampires open or deal with Nordic crypts.

Late game:
- In the end. You should have picked the Brown heavy armour variant that you get during the Dawnguard questline. Only the chest piece is needed. You will mix this with Deadric Gauntlets and Boots. Use smithing or the Atronach Forge in the Midden under the Collage of Winterhold. Use whatever Thieves guild hood you want. (Doesn’t matter what type, you should look threatening in it).
- You keep the Silver sword for most of the late game to. In the end, you should try to get your hands on either The Bloodskal Blade or an Stalhrim sword. Both looks as menacing as the guy holding it (You).

Spells and Shouts:
Early game:
- The standard healing spell is used upon to you get Fast healing. Get Healing hands if you want to have a Companion.
- You will use the stereotypical shout of the dragonborn, Unrelenting Force. You can also use whatever shouts you want to unlock. Shouts isn’t a central part of the build, so use what you want.

Late game:
- The adept spell Grand healing will come into play late game as your primary healing spell. Heal others for your optional companion.
- Disarm, Fire Breath, and Unrelenting force will be your primary shouts. Since shouts isn’t a central part, you could use whatever shout you want besides these.

Main Storyline. – Be the Dragonborn.
Dawnguard Storyline. – Rid Skyrim of the vampires and find epic loot doing so.
Companions Storyline. – Honor and blood.
Collage of Winterhold. – Studying? Nah. Gaining power is more your thing.
Thieves Guild. – Fall into your old patterns. Be naughty and take what you want.
Dark Brotherhood. – Optional.
Bards Collage. – Optional.
Dragonborn Storyline. – Optional to kill Miraak, just get to Sostheim.

And with that, I will personally thank you for reading my build. I hope you liked it, and I look forward to discuss this build with you in the comment/Discussion section.
Special Thanks to Wuyixiang! He is maybe my biggest inspiration for being active on this forum.

Thank you once more everybody!
Take Care.

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